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iciualagital ani '^iagraj^^ ' ^ccort 

Vol. VI. 


CONN., 1644-1664. 

By John J. Latiing, of New York. 

The Rev. John Jones was, as his name imphes, of Welsh extraction. 
The families in Wales bearing his patronymic, however, are so numerous 
that an attempt to trace his pedigree from any published records would 
seem to be a task almost impossible. He is stated to have been " Edu- 
cated and regularly ordained as a preacher of the Gospel in England," 
where he married and had several children. What is said, in some ac- 
counts, of his being identical with the " Johannes Jones " son of William 
Jones, of Abergavenny in Monmouth, matriculated at Jesus College, Cam- 
bridge, April 30th, 1624, at the age of 17, is now admitted to be entirely 

As appears from the interesting autobiography of Rev. Thomas She; .re,. 
he came a fellow passenger with him in the ship Defence from London^j 
landing at Boston 3d Oct., 1635. Although neither his name nor that 
Shepard appears in the Custom House list of passengers of the vessel, ye 
this list contains the names of Sarah Jones aged 34, Sarah Jones, 15^ 
John II, Ruth 7, Theophihis 3, Rebecca 2, and Elizabeth 6 months, un-j" 
doubtedly his wife and children. Not long after this date, he is found tc 
have penetrated through the then wilderness to Musketaquid, afterwards! 
Concord, and engaged with the Rev. Peter Bulkley in the work of estabi 
lishing there the " 12th Church of Christ." Edward Johnson in his quainl 
History of New England or " Wonder Working Providence of Zion': 
Saviour " describes him as a " Valiant Leader of Christ's Souldiers, a holy 
man of God," and has left us this sonnet to his worth. 

" In Desarts depth wlieie Wolves and Beares abide, 

There yoncs sits down a wary watcli to keepe 
O'er Christ's deare flock, who now are wandered wide ; 

But not from hini, wliose eyes ne're close in sleepe. 
Surely it sutes thy melancholly minde 

Thus solitary for to spend thy dayes, 
Much more thy soule in Christ Content doth finde, 

To work for Him, wiio thee to joy will raise. 
Leading thy son to Land, )ct more remote, 

To feed his flock upon tliis Western waist : 
Exhort him then Clirist's kingdome to promote; 

That he with thee of lasting joyes may tast." 




Jories, First Minister of Fairfield, Conn. [April, 


T^„ n,f Llers Concord proved a barren and unprofitable place. 

Th ° w .^iy restricted in their " land grants "by the narrow-nnnded- 

3r7, ,. .ss of the Government of the " Bay." The people d>ssat- 
"fit „ to leave for more desirable localities, and earned with them 
t d,s^^.^I,atedthe ill reputation of the town Some years afterwards 
, Richard Crabb and his wife, of Stamlord, were brought to trial at 

,laven before the Court of Magistrates, for the offence of resisting the 
ers sent to arrest Thomas Marshall, the Quaker whom he harbored 
- his house, and for « uttering clamorous and reproachful speeches against 
the MSr;, Government and Officers." Governor Newman who presided 
on d itriil took occasion to cast in the culprit's teeth the report of a 
discourse he is said to have held with "two men yt. came fro y . Bay 
She asked them, whence they came ? They said, from Concord;, to 
whkh friend Crabb was so unwise as to reply," y'. was a beggarly place. 
Thev said it was a good place. He rejoined, " yt. f pnest and y' 
peojey' came thence%vere almost starved." The men repied, they had 
no , iesi To which Crabb, having now, by this admission, the advantage 
"n the argument, remarked "I see you are ,n darkness, as all the country 

"The priest here referred to was, of course, none other than Pastor Jones, 
who wkh his family and little flock of Christ, m the month of beptembe , 
TelL reached Fairfield on the pleasant shores of Long Island bound 
H^ he labored with assiduity and .success for twenty years, organizing and 
foundini? the First Congregational Church of that town 

The early records of this church, as well as those of the town having been 
burnt, or carried off, at the time of the destruction of the Vi lage of Pair- 
field by (^.overnor Tryon in i779, we are left without any authentic aids to 
illustrate the period of his pastorate. 

Oe letter only of Mr. Jones, written by him to Governor Jobi Winthrop, 
Tr in the early part of the second year after his arrival at Fairheld, has 
be"en preserved,' which >vould seem to indicate that, at that time_, he 
had not yet fully decided to continue his residence there. Ihis letter is as 
follows : 

To the Worf°" Mr. John Winthrope at 1 cquot these present. Leave this letter w"- 
Mr. Hopkins at Hartfoid to be sent. 

Fairfield Mar. 5-46 [-7]. 

Sr Vo" of Feb. 22 I received, liemg very sorrye y' my absence from home at y- time 
wlien y ° messenner came hither, hath deprived of soe f,t an oppevtumty of returning an 
Inswenre I petcene by y" letter y' Adam r I"''!^" ^ath mformed yow how y- case 
st^dsv'" me '^ And indeed I, despaireing of a convenient passage v«to yow before y 
SorW did e^eaoe myselfe to l<eepe a lecture here vnt.U y' season o y' yeare wonld pe,- 
mU me o remmre, soe that my engagements here being ended w- the w.nter, it is my 
desire & ridTre=ol.tion (if God pennitt) to take y- first opportunity of coming to yow 
either' t and "r water For ot'her passages in y" letter I hope to answeare tliem by 
word of mouth shortly. In y- meantime, I desire y"' pva-s '- /' S-'^^f ^ Hv" 
and w>" mv seruice and respects being duly rendered to y- selfe and Mis. Wmthrope 
love to all r lit.le ones and little Margaret, I remame ^^^^ ._^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ 

John Jones. 

the same. 

2 Mass. His. Soe. CulU. x\. Vol. i, 5th series, p. 339- 


1875.] J???, /o/rn Jones, First Minister of Fairfield, Cotm. eg 

In the year 1653, during his uiinistr)-, occurred in Fairfield that disgraceful 
and shameful proceeding — the trial, condemnation, and execution of Good- 
wife Knapp, for witchcraft, one of the first instances in New England of 
the tragic results of that superstitious delusion. That both the Pastor and 
his wife were active participants in this affair, is apparent from the evidence 
given on the trial of the suit of Thomas Staples against Roger Ludlow, in 
the following year. Ludlow had reported among other things that Mrs. 
Knapp, both before and after her condemnation, had charged Goodwife 
Staples with being a witch, and he, lAidlow, had also further defamed her 
by charging her with " making a trade of lying." Hence, the husband, in 
this suit, sought vindication of his wife's honor, and pecuniary compensation 
for his own and her mental sufferings. The proofs produced on this trial, 
are the only known record of the proceedings in the witchcraft trial. 

Mrs. Lucy Pell, wife of Thomas Pell, testified that at Goodwife Knapp's 
trial, she was one of the women appointed by the Court to search the vic- 
tim's body for witchmarks, and Mistress Jones, the Pastor's wife, was pres- 
ent, and pressed her to confess whether there were any other witches in 
Fairfield. On the day succeeding her condemnation, and while she lay in 
prison, both the Pastor and his wife are found visiting her ; it may be, only 
for her spiritual comfort, but the witnesses say they were continually urging 
her to confess she was a witch, and thus " make way for the minister to 
do her good." Rebecca Hull, the Pastor's own daughter, in her testimony, 
gives us a picture of the mournful procession to the place of execution, 
where Mr. Ludlow and her father are seen walking together by her side, 
still pressing her to confess she was a witch. To the credit and courage 
of the poor woman, be it added, she belied not her dignity of womanhood 
by making any such absurd admission. ' 

It is presumed this Mistress Jones was his second wife, Susanna, men- 
tioned in his will, and who survived him. His first wife, Sarah, as well as 
his son, Theophilus, probably died in Concord. He himself, in 1658, had 
already attained to such an age as to require an assistant in his pastorate, 
which the church readily provided. The respect in which he was at this 
time held by his townsmen and the General Court, may be inferred from 
the following entry which the court saw fit to make at their session at 
Hartford, on the 20th of May, of this year : "This Court approving the 
pious care of the Towne of Fairfield in procuring help for Mr. Joanes by 
his own consent thereunto, as far as appears by a pap' p'sented by their 
Deputies to y" Court, doe order that according to their desires, the afore- 
said paper be kept amongst the Court papers & desire the Towne not 
any way thereupon to deprive y"" Rev'nd ancient Pastor Mr. Joanes in 
sickness or health of his comfortable maintenance." 

He died at Fairfield, in the month of January, 1664, and left the following 

January 17, 1664. 

I, John Jones, Pastor of the Church at Fairfield in New England, being 
weak in body, but of perfect memory, do make and ordain this my last 
will and testament. — imprimis, I commit my soul into the hands of God, 
and my body to be buried ; and as concerning my worldly goods, I dis- 

* It may not be out of place to add that the Court held " that there was no proof that good wife Staples 
was a witch," and Ludlow, the defendant, was ordered to "pay ;£io to the husband for his wife's name, 
and £s for his tiouble and costs." 

6o ■ Rev. John Jones, First Minisicr of Fairfield, Conn. [April, 

pose of them as follows ;— First, my will is that seven pounds be taken out 
of my estate which 1 shall leave behind me, to be delivered to the heirs or 
executors of Capt. Cullick, sometime one of the magistrates m Connecti- 
cut Jurisdiction, being due to him. 

Item, whereas I promised to my dear wife, Susanna Jones, fifty pounds, 
in case'l died before her, and beside gave her a silver bowl within a little 
while after that I was married unto her, this I do confirm by my last will 
that they are due unto her :— moreover, my will is that the said Susanna 
my wife, shall have the use and benefit of my twelve acres of land in the 
great meadow, and of my orchard in Fairfield, during her life ; and after 
her death that it be divided equally to or amongst my six children, John, 
Eliphalet, and my four daughters, Sarah Wilson, Widow Ruth James, 
Rebecca Hull, and Elizabeth Hill. . • 

Item.— I give to my eldest son John, part of my library, to wit, the 
works of Augustine, Chrisostom, and of other authors (usually called "the 

Fathers.") , , , , , . . , , 

Item —I give the rest of my goods undisposed (my debts being paid and 

funeral discharged) to be equally divided amongst my aforesaid children, 

John, Eliphalet, Sarah, Ruth, Rebecca and Elizabeth. 

In witness whereof, I set my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid. 

John Jones. : Seal. 

Postscript —I make and ordain my wife Susanna Jones, sole executrix 
of this my Will and Testament, and Mr. Gold and Mr. Pell, both of 1 air- 
field, overseers thereof. 

The widow doth accept of the place of an Executrix. 
The widow makes oath that ihis is the last Will of Mr. J. Jones to the 
best of her knowledge— this 30th June, 1665. 

Nathan Gold. 

Of the children, Sarah married Thomas Bulkley, son of the Revd. Peter 
Bulkley of Concord. They came with her father to Fairfield, where he 
died about 1658. By him she had a daughter, Sarah, born at Concord, 
Aucr I. 1640. After her first husband's death, she married Anthony 
Wifson, of Fairfield. He died early in 1662. She subsequently made a 
will, April 26, 1667, giving lands to her two sons, John and Joseph be- 
sides books and other property ; and to her daughters, Sarah, wife of Elea- 
zer Brown, Rebecca, wife of Joseph Whelpley, and Hannah, books and 

other property. j r- 1 

loHN Jones, son of the Rev. John Jones, graduated at Harvard Col- 
lege in 1643, in his 19th year. Was admitted freeman at Concord in 1645. 
He is supposed to be the "son" referred to by Johnson m the verses on 
his father above quoted, and is believed to have subsequently removed to, 
and settled in the Island of Nevis, in the West Indies, where he married 
and died prior to 1673, leaving a son, John, who with his mother, the 
widow, subsequently returned to New Haven. ' 

' Savage Gen. Die, Vol. II., p. 563- Colonial Rec. of Conn., II., p. 324- 

i875-] Rev. John Jones, First Minister of Fairfield, Conn. 6l 

Rebecca, one of the daughters, married Cornelius Hull, of Fairfield, by 
wnom she had Samuel, Cornelius, and Tlieophilus, and daughters Rebecca, 
Sarah, who married Robert Silliman, and Martha, who married Cornelius 

Elizabeth, another daughter, married \Villiam Hill, of Fairfield, and 
survived her husband, who died in 16S4. She had five children, William, 
Eljphalet, Joseph, John, and Sarah. 

Ruth, the other daughter, married James, but of her or her de- 
scendants nothing now is known. 

Ei.iPHALET Jones, youngest son of the Rev. John Jones, was born at 
Concord, January 11, "1641. Entered Harvard College in [662, but did 
not graduate, probably by reason of his father's death in the second year of 
his course, and of his limited means. In 1669 he is found stationed at 
Greenwich, in Connecticut, in which year he is admitted to the privileges 
of a freeman.' Whether he was here at this time as a settled minister or 
not does not clearly appear. In 1672 he was called to Stamford, as col- 
league or assistant to the Rev. John Bishop of that place. On the 3d of 
May of that year, the town voted " to give Mr. Jones an invitation to be a 
minister of the- Gospel in this place if he remove from Greenwich." In 
November of the same year he is " accommodated with a piece of land in 
liis own right, provided he settle here in the work of the ministry," and Mr. 
Law, Mr. Holly, and Jonathan Sellick are chosen to treat with the Green- 
wich men "about their compliance with Stamford, for the upholding of the 
ministry in this place." The town subsequently exchanged the above 
"piece of land," which was "on the west side of the Southfield," for the 
more eligible tract on the beautiful headland fronting and overlooking 
Long Island Sound, now owned and occupied by Capt. B. L. Waite, and 
the Brothers Alfred and Benjamin Scofield. This was the same field which 
the Sagamores reserved for their planting ground when making the 
original grant for the town in 1640, but which also w'as subsequently sur- 
rendered by them to the town. It was now (1672) voted that " Mr. Jones 
shall have that piece of land at Wescus which was improved by the Engins 
in case it be cleared from all English and Engins and this land to be Mr. 
Jones' proper right in lue of that jiiece of land granted to him on the west 
side of the southfield." While residing here he also preached at Rye from 
time to time. The General Court of Connecticut sitting at Hartford, .May 
14, 1674, made the following order: " This Court desires Mr. Eli[)halet 
Joanes to take the paynes to despence the word of God to the people of 
Rye once a fortnight on the Lord's Day till the Court, October next and 
then this Court will take further order concerning them and for Mr. Jones's 
satisfaction." - He must have been popular as a minister at this period. As 
early as 1669, the year of his commencement in the minislr}' at Greenwich, 
the people of Jamaica, L. I., voted to send a messenger to invite him to 
visit them with a view to a settlement, but it apjiears he declined going. 
In 1675, on an invitation from the people of Huntington, L. I., he visited 
them, and in January following he was desired to " Continue among them 
as their minister, and they voted to give him twenty acres of land where 
lie chose to select it. He appears not to have permanently settled there 
Irowever, until 1677, when he was formally ordained as the successor of 

» Colonial Records of Cnnn., Vol. 11.. p. io6. 
- CoIoniiU Records of Conn., Vol. II., p. 232. 

62 Rev. John Jones, First Minister of Fairfield, Conn. [April, 

the Rev. William Leverich, over the First Presbyterian Church at that 
place. Here he continued for over half a century. He is described as 
" a man of great purity and simplicity of manners, and a faithful and suc- 
cessful preacher." 

Not until he had attained his 78th year, did he have the aid of an 
assistant. At that time Mr. Ebenezer Prime, then a young man, ancestor 
of our well-known and very worthy fellow-citizens, the Revs. Samuel I. and 
Edward D. G. Prime, and of Wni. C. Prime, Esq., was engaged in that 
capacity, and four years afterwards, in 1723, was ordained as colleague; 
on which occasion Mr. Jones, then in his 82d year, presided at the 
ordaining council, and delivered the pastoral charge. He lived to the 
age of 91 years and died in Huntington, June 5, 1731. He never married, 
and what estate he had he bequeathed to his sister's son, Eliphalet Hill, 
his namesake, who, in his declining years, took care of him and managed 
his affairs. 

At the easterly end of the main street in the now peaceful village of 
Huntington, rises an eminence which overlooks the town and the beautiful 
harbor and the country for miles around. This the early settlers had set 
apart and consecrated for the sepulchres of their dead ; and here they 
buried their Pastor. But here, fifty years afterwards, came Col. Benjamin 
Thompson, Count Rumford, with his vandal troops, and demolished the 
church, and with its timbers erected block houses and barracks over the 
graves which he levelled for the purpose, using the tombstones for build- 
ing tlieir fire-places and ovens. One veritable chronicler tells i?s how he 
had heard from the lips of living witnesses that they had seen these 
soldiers draw their loaves of bread from these ovens, having the reversed 
inscriptions of the tombstones of their friends on the lower crust ! But 
" the whirligig of Time brought about its revenges :" the Briton with his 
minions of outrage passed away, and the Peace of Desolation settled over 
the sacred enclosure. 

When a full century had elapsed, and the ashes of the aged minister had 
reposed so long beneath the sod, that the place of their interment had been 
utterly forgotten, or all mementos of it entirely obliterated by these ravages 
of war, the peo|)le of another generation — the descendants of the sires to 
whom he had so long and faithfully dispensed the Word of God — still cherish- 
ing and reviving the memory and tradition of his virtues, erected a plain 
but decent cenotaph in remembrance of him, in this their public burial 
ground. The stone bears the following inscription : "In Memory of Rev. 
Eliphalet Jones who was the only settled Minister in Huntington, from 
1676 to 1723. He was born in Concord, Massachusetts, and died between 
1730 and 1740, near 100 years old." 

He deserved a better monument, and one with a more fitting and correct 

1S75.] Dewey Family in America, (^x 


By Benjamin W. Dwigiit, of Clinton, N. Y, 

The facts here detailed weie gathered, many of them, by the writer, 
when engaged in investigating the history of The Strong Family, at various 
points in New England, and especially at Northampton and Westfield, 
Mass., as well as at Lebanon, Ct. Other associated items have been ac- 
cumulated at different times through several years past from a variety of 

THOMAS DEWEY, the Settler (spelled also in the Dorchester records, 
Duee), came to Dorchester, Mass., in 1633, from Sandwich, Kent, England, 
near the ancient town of Dover, and was enrolled as a freeman there. May 
14, 1634. He removed about 163S to Windsor, Ct., and m. there, March 
22, 1638-9, widow Frances Clarke, by whom he had 5 children. He was 
cornet of the town troop of soldiers. He d. at Windsor, April 27, 1648. 
He was frequently juror and deputy to the Ceneral Court. His widow ni. 
for a 3d husband, Nov. 30, 1648, George Phelps, and soon afterwards re- 
moved to Westfield, Mass., with all the Dewey children except Israel, who 
remained in Windsor and d. there at an advanced age, leaving no issue. 
Thomas Dewey and all his descendants for several generations are believed 
to have been farmers. [The first husband of Mrs. Frances Dewey was 
Joseph Clarke. Their daughter, Mary Clarke, was the first wife of John 
Strong, Jr., of Windsor, son of Elder John Strong of Northampton. See 
Hist. Strong F'amily by the writer, p. 20. Mrs. Frances (Dewey) Phelps 
had a son, Jacob Phelps, b. about 1650, who m. May 2, 1672, Dorothy 
Ingersoll, b. in 1654, dau. of John Ingersoll, of Hartford, Ct., and after- 
wards of Northampton, Mass., and Dorothy Lord, dau. of Thomas Lord of 
Hartford. They had 6 children. i, Dorothy Phelps, b. May 10, 1675, 
who m. Nov. 30, 1693, Edward Kibbe, of Enfield, Ct. 2. Hannah Phelps, 
b. Nov. 26, 1677, who m. John Kibbe. 3. Israel Phelps, b. .\pril 3, i68r. 
4. Benjamin Phelps, b. Jan. 8, 1683. 5. Joseph Phelps, b. Aug. 5, 1686. 
6. Jedediah Phelps, b. Dec. 7, 1688]. 

Second Generation— C"/'//'/'cv/ .• 

2. I. Thomas Dewey, Jr., b. Feb. 16, 1639-40, d. March 20, 1690-1, 
at. SI. 

3. II. J0.SIAH Dewey, bapt. Oct. 10, 1641. 

4. III. Anna Dewey, bapt. Oct. 15, 1643, m. John Woodward of Leba- 
non, Ct. 

5. IV. Israel Dewey, b. Sept. 25, 1645, seems to have staid with his 
mother's relatives at Windsor, and to have lived and died there. He m. 
Aug. 28, 1668, Abigail, dau. of Job Drake. He d. Jan. 25, 1727-8, cet. 
82. They had i child, Israel Dewey, Jr., b. Dec. 30, 1673, who d. in 1678. 

6. V. Jedediah Dewey, b. Dec. 15, 1647, d. Jan. 26, 1727-8, al. 79. 

2. I. Thomas Dewey, Jr., b. Feb. 16, 1639-40, settled at Northani])- 
ton, Mass., where he m. June i, 1663, Constant Hawes (dau. of Richard 

64 Brief Notes of the Early History of the [April, 

Hawes of Dorchester). He was, like his father at Windsor, a cornet of 
troopers. The inventory of his estate was ^793, of whicii his 4 daughters 
had each ;£(>o. He d. at Westfield, March 20, 1690-1. She d. April 26, 
1703. They had 10 children. 

Third Ooueration — Children .■ 

7. I. Mary Dewky, b. in 1663-4, ni. Dea. David Ashley of Westfield, 
and d. in 1751. 

8. n. Thomas Dewey, b. March 26, 1664-5, "i- Hannah Sackett of 
Westfield, and d. there without issue, April 27, 1692. 

9. HI. Capt. Adijah Dewey, b. March 5, 1665-6, d. March 24, 1741, 
"St. 75- 

10. IV. Samuei, Dewey, b. June 25, 1670, a farmer at Westfield, d. there. 

11. V. Hannah Dewey, b. Feb. 21, 1672, ni. Matthew Noble of West- 

12. VI. Elizabeth Dewey, b. Jan. 10, 1676, ni. Thomas Noble of 

13. VH. James Dewey, b. July 3, 1678, d. at Westfield, Feb. 27, 1682. 

14. VIH. Abigaii, Dewey, b. Feb. 14, 1680, m. in 1699, Joseph Ashley 
of Westfield. They had a son James Ashley, b. in 1700, who d. in 6arly 
manhood, leaving a son James Ashley. They had also 3 other children, 
Abigail, Naomi and Joseph, b. respectively in 1 702, 4 and 6, who all d. 

15. IX. James Dewey, 2d b. Nov. 12, 1683, d. May 5, 1686. 

16. X. Israel Dewey, b. July 9, 1686. 

7. I. Mary Dewey (dau. of Thomas Dewey, Jr., and Constant Hawes), 
1). in 1663-4, m. July 11, 1688, Dea. David x'\shley of Westfield, b. March 
10, 1667 (son of David Ashley and Hannah Glover), a farmer at West- 
field and eminent for his piety. He d. Aug. 7, 1744, ect. TJ. She d. Dec. 
13, 1751, let. about 87. [The writer thought it probable at one time that 
the Mary Dewe}' who m. Dea. David Ashley was, instead of the one here 
given, her cousin Mary Dewey, also of Westfield, b. Oct. 16, 1665, and 
(lau. of Josiah Dewey, and Hepzibah I.yman.] 

Fourth (ieiieratinii — Children .• 

17. I. David Ashley, b. July 16, 1689, d. soon. 

18. II. Thomas Ashley, b. Sept. 17, 1690. 

19. III. David Ashley, 2d, b. Dec. 26, 1692. 

20. IV. Mary Ashley, b. March 12, 1694. 

21. V. Elizabeth Ashley, b. March 3, 1697, m. May 15, 1718, James 
Dewey of Westfield, b. April 3, 1692, (son of Jedediah Dewey and Sarah 
Orton — See below). She d. Sept. 25, 1737, cet. 40 ; and he m. for 2d wife, 
Dec. 20, 1738, Joanna Taylor, and had a son Paul. He d. of small pox, 
Aug. 28, 1767, cet. 75. 

22. VI. Abigail Ashley, b. Jan. 6, 1700, m. David Dewey. 

23. VII. Hannah Ashley, b. Nov. 8, 1706. 

24. VIII. Dr. Israel Ashley, b. Oct. 14, 1710, grad. at Yale in 1730, 
was a physician at Westfield and a surgeon in the army. He m. Nov. 20, 
1735, Margaret Moseley. He d. in Stillwater, N. Y., in 1758. They had 
9 children. For account of his descendants, See Hist, of JDwight Family 
by the writer, pp. 822-3. 

iS75-l Deivey Family in America. (^z. 

Third Geiipnition. 

9. III. Capt. Adijah Dewey (son of Thomas Dewe)-, Jr., and Con- 
stant Hawes), b. March 5, 1665-6, m. about 1688 Sarah Root, dau. of 
John Root. He was a farmer at Westfield, where he d. March 24, 1741. 
He had 10 children. 

Fourth Generation— C/z/A/'/iv; .• 

25. I. A child unnanied, b. Nov. 13, and d. Nov. 17, 1689. 

26. II. Thomas Dewey, b. Jan. 9, 1690, m. Aug. 6, 1718, Abigail Wil- 
liams of Westfield, and had 2 children, i. Abigail, b. Sept. 4, and d. Sept. 
20, 1719. 2. Azariah, b. Aug. 12, 1722. 

27. III. Adijah Dewey, Jr., b. Sept. 30, 1693, d. Jany. 31, 1753. 

28. IV. Sarah Dewey, b. March 17, 1695. 

29. V. Esther Dewey, b. Jan. 20, 1698-9, ni. Feb. 4, 1 718-19, Aaron 
Giinn of Westfield. She d. Jan. 6, 1743-4. They had 5 children: i. 
Aaron Gunn, b. Nov. 22, 1719. 2. Ann Gunn, b. Oct. 8, 1721, d. Jany. 
2, 1734-5. 3. John Gunn, b. June 8, 1724. 4. Stephen Gunn, b. Oct. 
12, 1726. ^. Rhoda Gunn, b. Jan. 5, 1728. 

30. VI. Mary Dewey, b. Sept. 18, 1701. 

31. VII. Abigail Dewey, b. Jan. 28, 1703. 

- 32. VIII. Bethiah Dewey, b. Aug. 11, 1706, m. in 1727 Aaron Ash- 
ley of Westfield, b. in 1702, son of Samuel Ashley. 

T,2,. IX. Ann Dewey, b. March 22, 1709, m. in 1732 (pub. Sept. 10), 
Joseph Kellogg. 

34. X. Moses Dewey, b. Jan. 6, 1714, m. Dec. 13, 1735, Sarah Dewey 
his cousin (dau. prob. of Israel and Sarah Dewey, b. May 27, 17 14). The}' 
had children, Moses, Sarah, Keziah, Gideon, Russell, etc. 

27. III. Adijah Dewey, Jr., b. Sept. 30, 1693, m. Jan. 11, 1732, Mercy 
Ashley of Westfield. He d. Jan. 31, 1753- He was a farmer at West- 
field. They had 4 children. 

Fifth Generation— C////./;f« .• 

35. I. Ashbel Dewey, b. April 23, 1734, d. April 28, 1765. 

36. \\. Medad Dewey, b. Nov. 18, 1736, m. Dec. 8, 1757, Elizabeth 
Noble. •■ 

37. HI. Bethiah Dewey, b. Sept. 22, 1739, '"• March 25, 1756, Silas 
Noble of Westfield. 

38. IV. Mary Dewey, b. April 11, 1743. 

35. I. Ashbel Dewey, b. April 23, 1734, m. in 1754-5 (P"t). Sept. 15, 
1 754), Mary Phelps of Westfield. She d. March 2 7, 1 762, and he m. March 
17, 1763, Mehitable Cadwell, b. Dec. 7, 1740 (dau. of Abel Cadvvell of 
Westfield, and Anna Dvvight. See Hist. Dicig/it Family, p. 441). He d. 
April 28, 1765, at. 31. His widow m. for a 2d husband, Daniel Sackett, 
Jr., of Pittsfield, Mass. 

Sixth Generation— C/;//i/;dv/ . 
By First Marriage. 

39. I. Adijah Dewey, b. May 7, i7S''- 

40. II. Ashbel Dewey, b. July 11, 1758. d. July 26, 175S. 

41. III. A.shbel Dewey, 2d, b. March 13, 1760, d. March 18, 1760. 

42. IV. Mary Dewey', b. Aug. 20, 1761. 

66 Brief Notes of the Early History of the [April, 

By Second Marriage. 

43. V. Mercy Dewey, b. May 13, 1764, d. Jan. 1767. 

Tliirtl Generation. 

10. IV. Samuel Dewey (son of Thomas Dewey, Jr., and Constant 
Hawes), b. June 25, 1670, m. Dec. 19, 1695, Sarah Weller. He was a far- 
mer at Westfield. She d. July 21, 1709. He seems to have m. for a 2d 
wife, Rebecca Ashley, b. May 30, 1685 (dau. of David Ashley of West- 
field and Hannah Glover). See Hist. Dwight Family, p. 820, for account 
of her Ashley ancestry. 

Fourth Generation — Children .• 

44. I. Sarah Dewey, b. Jan. 26, 1696. 

45. 11. Elizabeth Dewey, b. May 13, 1699, m. Nathaniel Ely. 

46. III. Hannah Dewey, b. Oct. 14, 1701, d. Oct. 31, 1701. 

47. IV. Miriam Dewey, ) , • , ., 

o T7- o -nv \ twms, b. May 14, 170-5. 

48. V. Samuel Dewey, ( ' / t- / o 

49. VI. Deliverance Dewey, b. Aug. 4, 1706, d. May 14, 1707. 

50. VII. Jonathan Dewey, b. June 3, 1708. 

45. II. Elizabeth Dewey (dau. of Samuel Dewey and Sarah Weller), 
b. May 13, 1699, ni. in 1721 Nathaniel Ely, of Springfield, Mass., (son of 
Joseph Ely.) They had 3 children : 

1. Aaron Ely, b. Oct. 6, 1721. 

2. Elizabeth Ely, b. Aug. 11, 1724. 

3. Sarah Ely, b. Aug. 7, 1726. 

Third Generation. 

11. V. Hannah Dewey, b. Feb. 21, 1672 (dau. of Thomas Dewey, Jr., 

and Constant Hawes), m. in 1690, Matthew Noble of Westfield. They had 
9 children : 

1. Joseph Noble, b. Oct. 8, 1691. 

2. Hezekiah Noble, b. in 1694. 

3. Matthew Noble, b. in 1698. 

4. Solomon Noble, b- in 1 700. 

5. Elisha Noble, b. in 1702. 

6. Obadiah Noble, b. in 1705. 

7. Hannah Noble, b. in 1707. 

8. Hester Noble, b. in 1710. 

9. Rhoda Noble, b. in 1717. 

Tliird Generation. 

12. VI. Elizabeth Dewey (dau. of Thomas Dewey, Jr., and Constant 
Hawes), b. Jan. 10, 1676, m. Dec. 19, 1695, Thomas Noble of Westfield. 
He d. July 29, 1750 : She d. Oct. 2, 1757. They had ii children : 

1. Tho.mas Noble, b. Sept. 10, 1696. 

2. Job Noble, b. Jan. 28, 1698-9, d. June 25, 1699. 

3. Jonathan Noble, b. May i, 1700, d. Nov. 1719. 

4. Seth Noble, b. Oct. 30, 1702, d. Dec. 4, 1702. 

5. Israel Noble, b. Sept. 20, 1703. 

6. Elizabeth Noble, b. Jan. 3, 1705. 

iS75-] Dewey Family in. America. 6? 

7. Lois Noble, b. July 4, 1 708. 

8. Ebenezer Noble, b. Oct. 11, 1711. 

9. Thankful Noble, b. May 21, 1714. 

10. Anna Noble, b. Oct. 30, 1716. 

11. Jonathan Noble, 2d. b. May 23, 1721. 

[Hon. Lucius M. Boltvvood of Hartford, Ct., informed the writer shortly 
before his death, some two years since, that he had had in his hands for a 
considerable time a full history of the Noble Family, prepared with thorough- 
ness by himself; which, to liis great regret, he had not been able to pub- 
lish, because that family had never shown itself ready to meet the needful 
expense of doing so. ISTay some future investigator succeed in bringing 
these valuable papers to the light !] 

Tliird Generation. 

16. X. Israel Dewey (son of Thomas Dewey, Jr., and Constant 

Hawes), b. July 9, 1686, m. about 1713 his wife Sarah. They had 5 chil- 

Fourth Oenoration— - C/;//(//v« .• 

51. I. Sarah Dewey, b. ALay 27, 1714. 

52. II. Constant Dewey, b. March 20, 17 15-16, m. April 11, 1745, 
Moses Leonard of Springfield, Mass. 

53. III. A child unnamed, b. Feb. 2, and d. Feb. 11, 1716-17. 

54. IV. Israel Dewey, b. Jan. 27, 1718, m. in 1742, Joanna Noble of 
Westfleld. He d. in 1747-8. His estate was inventoried at ^812. He 
had sons : Israel, who lived in Stonington, Ct. ; and Joseph and David. 
Joseph d. unmarried in Hebron, Ct. David removed to Windsor, Ct., but 
afterwards returned to Westfield, Mass. 

55. V. Aaron Dewey, b. April 28, 1721, m. June 12, 1746, Sarah No- 
ble of Westfield. He d. June 11, 1768. They had 9 children. 

Fifth (Jeneratiou. 

56. I. Aaron Dewey, ) d. Nov. 15, 1748 ; 

57. II. Sarah Dewey, \ twins b. June 23, 1748. 

58. III. Aaron Dewey, b. Jan. 20, and d. Jany. 29, 1749-50. 

59. IV. Aaron Dewey, 3d, b. Jan. 15, 1 750-1. 

60. V. John Dewey, b. Jany. 20, 1754. 

61. VI. Silas Dewey, b. March 22, 1756, d. Oct. 6, 1757. 

62. VII. Eunice Dewey, b. March 22, 1758. 

63. VIII. Silas Dewey, 2d, b. Jan. 19, 1761. 

64. IX. Levi Dewey, b. Jan. 28, 1764. 

59. IV. Aaron Dewey, 3d, b. Jan. 15, 1750-1, a farmer in Westfield, 
m. March 12, 1777, Sibyl Cadvvell, b. Aug. 7, 1755 (dau. of Abel Cadwell 
of Westfield, and Anna Dwight). 

Sixth Generation — Children .• 

65. I. Aaron Dewey, b. Oct. 10, 1777. 

66. II. Eunice Dewey, b. Dec. 17, 1779- d. Aug. 15, 1790. 

67. III. Charles Dewey, b. Jan. 29, 1782, d. Jan. 27, 1783. 

68. IV. Sibyl Dewey, b. Nov. 7, 1783. 

69. V. Charles Dewey, 2d. b. June 15, 1786. 

68 Brief Notes of , the Early History of the [April, 

70. VI. Ann Dewey, b. Aug. 20, 1788. 

71. VII. Eunice Dewey, 2d b. Aug. 15, 1790. 

72. VIII. RoY.41, DwiGHT Dewey, b. Oct. 3, 1791. 

Second Gonor.atioii. 

3. II. JosiAH Dewey (son of Thomas Dewey, the Settler, and Mrs. 
Frances Clarke), bapt. Oct. 10, 1641, ni. Nov. 6, 1662, Hepzibah Lyman, 
b. about 1644, (dau. of Richard Lyman the Settler, and Hepzibah Ford, 
sister of Elder John Stiong's wife, Joanna Ford, all of Northamiiton, Mass.). 
He removed from Northampton to Westfield in 1666. She d. about 1670- 
I, and he m. about 1672 a 2d wife. Experience. In 1696 he removed to 
Lebanon, Ct., where he d. His children, Nathaniel, E.xperience, and 
Elizabeth survived him. See Hyde Genealogy, vol. II. pp., 709-20. 

Third Generation — Children .• 

By First Wife. 

73. I. Hkpzib.^h Dewey, b. Oct. 9, 1663. 

74. II. Mary Dewey, b. Oct. 16, 1665. 

75. III. JosiAH Dewey, b. Dec. 24, 1666. 

76. IV. John Dewey, b. Feb. 9, 1668-9. 

By Second Wife. 

77. V. Ebenezer Dewey, | d. Dec. 31, 1711 ; 

78. VI. Nathaniel Dewey, J twins, b. Feb. 20, 1672-3. 

79. Vli. Joseph Dewey, b. Aug. 11, 1674, d. June 1675. 

80. VIII. Elizabeth Dewey, b. July lo, 1677. 

81. IX. Joseph Dewey, 2d, ) d. July 9, 1682; 

82. X. Experience Dewey, f twins, b. April 9, 1682. 

S3. XL Benjamin Dewey, b. July 8, 1685, d. July 13, 1685. 

75. III. Josiah Dewey, b. Dec. 24, 1666, m. Jan. 15, 1690-1, Mehit- 
able Miller of Westfield. He was a farmer at Lebanon. 

Fourth Generation— 67///(^r« .• 

84. I. John Dewey, b. Dec. 4, 1700. 

85. H. Mary Dewey, b. Oct. 24, 1704. 

86. III. Mehitable Dewey, b. June 29, 1708. 

84. I. John Dewey, b. Dec. 4, 1700, a faruier in Lebanon, Ct., m. Nov. 
30, 1726, Experience Woodward. His children were : 

Fiftli Generation — Children .- 

87. I. Anna Dewey, b. Oct. 23, 1727. 

88. II. Daniel Dewey, b. June 19, 1731, m. Feb. 22, 1753, Temperance 
Bailey, and had 6 children. 

89. III. Josiah Dewey, b. Sept. 9, 1734, d. Nov. 21, 1734. 

90. IV. John Dewey, Jr., b. Dec. 12, 1735. 

91. V. Mary Dewey, b. Jan. t8, 1738-9. 

92. VI. Experience Dewey, b. Jan. 26, i 740-1. 
P3. VII. Israel Dewey, b. Nov. 29, 1742. 

i875-] Drivey Family in America. 6q 

Third Generation. 

76. IV. John Dewey (son of Josiah Dewey and Hepzibah Lyman), b. 
Feb. 9, 1668-9, ™- April 5, 1705, Mary Thomas of Lebanon. Ct., where he 
was a farmer. 

Fourlli Generation — Children . 

94. I. JuDAH Dewey, b. April ig, 1706. 

95. IL MiNDWELL Dewey, b. May 18, 1707. 

96. III. Jonathan Dewey, b. March 6, 1709. 

97. IV. Experience Dewey, b. Sept. 25, 17 13. 

98. V. David Dewey, b. April, 25, 17 16, m. about 1742 Hannah Hall, 
and had son John b. June 27, 174,3, ^n*^ d. Jan. 13, 1744. 

99. VI. AIoses Dewey, b. Nov. 10, 1718, m. Mav 12, 1744, Mary Eng- 

96. III. Jonathan Dewey, b. ATarch 6,' 1709, m. Nov. i, 1733, Mary 
Collier. Pie was a farmer at Lebanon, where he d. Dec. 23, 1759, '^^- 5°- 

Fifth Generation— C7;//(//t7/ . 

100. I. Aaron Dewey, b. Aug. 25, 1734. 
loi. II. Hepzibah Dewey, b. Aug. 20, 1736. 

102. III. Jonathan Dewey, b. Nov. 20, 1738. 

103. IV. HuLDAH Dewey, b. April 13, 1740. 

104. V. Rachel Dewey, b. Jan. 15, 1742-3. 

105. VI. Elizur Dewey, b. June 26, 1745. 

106. VII. Prudence Dewey, b. Sei)t. 22, 1751. 

Third Generation. 

77. V. Ebenezer Dewey (son of Josiah and Experience Dewey of 
Lebanon), b. Feb. 20, 1672-3, m. Nov. 8, 1709, Elizabeth Wright of Spring- 
field, Mass. He was a farmer at Lebanon, Ct., where he d. Dec. 31, 1711. 
He had 2 children. 

1. Elizabeth Dewey, b. Oct. 7, 17 10, m. Jan. 24, 1733-4 Ebenezer 
Wilcox, Jr., of Hebron, Ct. 

2. Ebenezer Dewey, b. Jan. 24, 1711-12, m. March 12, 1734-5 Martha 
Wilcox of Hebron, Ct. They seem to have had a son, Ebenezer 3d, who 
ni. July 24, 1760, Temperance Holdridge of Lebanon. 

78. VI. Nathaniel Dewey, twins with Ebenezer (son of Josiah and 
Experience Dewey, of Lebanon), b. Feb. 20, 1672-3, m. Jan. 24, 1699- 
I 700, Margaret Burroughs. He was a farmer at Lebanon. 

Fourth Generation— C7"/'i'/<'« ■ 
107. I. Nathaniel Dewey, Jr., b. Dec. 12, 1700. 
loS. II. Margaret Dewey, b. May 5, 1702. 
109. III. Sajiuel Dewey, b. July 5, 1704- 
no. IV. Noah Dewey, b. May 13, 1706. 

111. V. Sarah Dewey, b. Aug. 2, 1709. 

112. VI. Thomas Dewey, b. Jan. 20, 1713. 

113. VII. Hepzibah Dewey, b. Dec. 28, 1715, m. June 16, 1737, 
Thomas Sawyer of Hebron, Ct. 

114. VIII. Tamar Dewey, b. Oct. 20, 1717. 

•jQ Brief Azotes of the Early History of the [April, 

109. III. Samuel Dewey, b. July 5, 1704 (son of Nathaniel and Mar- 
garet Dewe)'), m. March 6. 1732, Elizabeth Allen, of Lebanon, where he 
was a farmer. 

Fifth Generation— C7;//(//7-« .• 

115. I. Samuel Dewev, Jr., b. Oct. 20, 1732, m. Dec. i, 1756, Mindwell 
Post of Hebron, Ct. 

116. 11. Desire Dewey, b. Feb. 13, 1733-4. 

117. III. Elijah Dewk.y, b. Jan. 20, 1735-6. 

118. IV. Jeremiah Dewey, b. Jan. 20, 1737-8. 

119. V. Elizabeth Dewey, b. Jan. 7, 1739-40. 

120. VI.' Nathan Dewey, b. May 7, 1742, m. Dec. 3, 1766, Mindwell 
Horsford of Hebron, Ct. 

Fourth Generation. 
no. IV. Noah Dewey (son of Nathaniel and Margaret Dewey), b. 
May 13, 1706, m. Oct. 31, 1728, Abigail Plumley. He was a farmer in 

Fifth Generation — Children : 

121. I. Abigail Dewey, b. Sep. 3, 1730. 

122. II. Noah Dewey, b. July 28, 1734. 

123. III. Lemuel Dewey, b. April 29, 1736. 

124. IV. Ezra Dewey, b. May 29, 1738, d. Aug. 11, i739- 

125. V. Tamar Dewey, b. Aug. 6, 1740. 

126. VI. LvDiA Dewey, b. Jan. 11, 1744. 

Fourth Generation. 
112. VI. Thomas Dewey (son of Nathaniel and Margaret Dewey), b. 
Jan. 20, 1 713, m. about 1737, Mercy Piuniley. He was a fanner in Leb- 
anon. They had 2 children : 

127. I. Dorcas Dewey, b. June 17, 1738. 

128. II. Mercy Dewey, b. Feb. 18, 1 740-1. 

Second Generation. 
4. III. Anna Dewey (dau. of Thomas Dewey, of Windsor, Ct., the 
settler, and Frances Clarke), bapt. Oct. 15, 1643, m. May 18, 1671, John 
Woodward of Lebanon, Ct. a farmer (son of Henry Woodward, of Westfield). 
Third Generation — Children 

129. I. Elizabeth Woodward, b. March 17, 1672, m. in 1691, Stephen 
Lee, of Westfield, Mass. 

130. II. John Woodward, bapt. April 2, 1674. 

131. III. Samuel Woodward, b. March 20, 1676, d. Oct. 30, 1676. 

132. IV. Henry Woodward, b. March, 18, 1680. 

133. V. Thomas Woodward, b. April 22, 1682. 

134. VI. Israel Woodward, b. Feb. 6, 1685. 

Second Generation. 
6. V. Jedediah Dewey (son of Thomas Dewey, the settler, and Mrs. 
Frances Clarke), b. Dec. 15, 1647, m. in 1671, Sarah Orton, of Farming- 
ton, Ct., where they lived for a short time after their marriage, when he re- 
moved to Westfield, Mass., where he was a farmer, and where he d. Jan. 
26, 1727-8, at. 79. She d. Nov. 20, 171 1. He was, like his father and 
brother Thomas, a cornet of the town troop. The love of music seems to 
have run in the family at an early date. 

i875-] Deicey Family In America. 71 

Third Generation — Children : 

135. I. Sarah Dewey, b. Marcli 28, 1672, 111. Col. John Ashley. She 
d. May 31, 1708. 

136. 11. Margaret Dewey, b. Jan. 10, 1673-4, ni. Daniel Bissell, of 
Windsor, Ct. She d. Nov. 27, 17 12. 

137. III. Ensign Jedediah Dewey, b. June 14, 1676. 

138. IV. Daniel DEWEY,b.iNrarch 9, i679-8o,a farmer in Farmington,Ct. 

139. V. Thomas Dewey, b. June 29, 1682, d. March 15, 1758. 

140. VI. Joseph Dewey, b. May 10, 1684, d. Jan. 1757. 

141. VII. Hannah Dewey, b. March 14, 1685-6. 

142. VIII. Mary Dewey, b. Afarch i, 1688-9, tl- June 19, 1740. 

143. IX. James Dewey, b. Ajsril 3, 1692, d. Aug. 28, 1767. 

144. X. Abigaii. Dewey, b. Nov. 17, 1694. 

135. I. Sarah Dewey (dau. of Jedediah Dewey and Sarah Orton), b. 
March 28, 1672, m. Sept. 8, 1692, Col. John Ashley, b. June 27, 1669, 
(son of David Ashley of Westfield, and Hannah Glover). He was a man 
of large wealth and of many public offices and trusts. She d. March 30, 
1708, (7/. 36, and he m. for 2d wife Mary Whiting (dau. of Joseph Whit- 
ing, of Hartford, Ct., and Mary Pynchon). See //isf. D'cviglit Family, p. 
823. He d. April 17, 1759, '^''- 89. 

Fourth Generation— C/;/7(/rc// .• 

145. I. Sarah Ashley, b. in 1693. 

146. II. Hannah Ashley, b. in 1695, d. June 28, 1696. 

147. III. John Ashley, b. Oct. 19, 1697, d. soon. 

148. IV. Moses Ashley, b. Oct. 14, 1700. 

149. V. Ebenezer Ashley, b. March 29, 1701, d. April 11, 1702. 

150. VI. Major Noah Ashley, b. June 15, 1704, m. June, 1732, Doro- 
thy Dwight, b. Sept. 17, 1709 (dau. of Capt. Henry Dwight, of Hatfield, 
Mass., and Lydia Hawley). See Hist. D-ivij^ht Family, p. 819. 

151. VII. Roger Ashley, b. Jan. 30, 1705. 

152. ■V'lII. I-YDIA Ashley, b. in 1708, d. April 19, 1708. 

Tliird Generation. 

136. II. Margaret Dewey (dau. of Jedediah Dewey and Sarah Orton), 
b. Jan. 10, 1673-4, m. Oct. 27, 1692, Daniel Bissell, of Windsor, Ct., b. 
Sept. 29, 1663 (son of John Bissell, Jr., and I-^bel Mason, of Saybrook, 
Ct.). He d. "Dec. 9, 1738, at. 75, anil she d. Nov. 27, 1712, at. 38. 

Fourtli Generation— cy//7(//-t'« .• 

153. I. Daniel Bissell, Jr., b. Oct. 3, 1694. 

154. II. Margaret Bissell, b. March 19, 1698. 

155. III. Mary Bissell, b. Nov. 27, i7oi,m. Feb. 8, 1720, Nathaniel 
Gilbert, of Colchester, Ct. 

156. IV. EzEKiEL Bissell, b. Sept. 6, 1705. 

157. V. Ann Bissell, b. Jan. 6, 1709. 

Tliird Generation. 

137. III. Ensign Jedediah Dy.wv.x. Jr. (son of Jedediah Dewey, of West- 
field, and Sarah Orton), b. June 14, 1676, m. June 17, 1703, Rebecca Wil- 
liams. He was a fanner in Westfield. He d. in 1727, at. 51. She m. for 

7 2 Brief Nolcs of the Early History of the _ [April, 

a 2d husband in 1731, and as his 2d wife, Consider Mosele)', of Westfield, 
whose first wife was P-Hzabeth Bancroft. 

Fourth Generation— C/;//</rc« .• 

158. I. Rebecca Dewey, b. June 11, 1704. < 

159. II. Margaret Dewey, 'b. Feb. 12, 1706. 

160. III. Zeruiah Dewey, b. March i, 1708. 

161. IV. Sarah Dewey, b. March 3, 17 10. 

162. V. Rhoda Dewey, b. July 10, 1712, m. Hon. Eidad Taylor. 

163. VI. Jedediah Dewey, 3d. b. April 11, 1714. 

164. A'll. Martin Dewey, b. May iS, 1716. 

165. VIII. Hannah Dewey, b. March 9, 171S, m. Benjamin Moseley. 

162. V. Rhoda Dewey, b. July 10, 1712, ni. Nov. i, 1732, Hon. Eldad 
Taylor, of Westfield. He was a member of the General Court. She d. 
June 22, 1740, and he ni. for 2d wife, Dec. 1742, Thankful Day, of Spring- 
field, Mass., who d. Aug. 12, 1803, at. 82. He d. in Boston, May 21, i777- 

Fifth Generation — Cliildrcn .■ 

166. I. Eldad Tayeor, Jr., b. Sept. 5, 1733. 

167. II. Rhoda Taylor, b. July 2, and d. July 10, 1735. 

168. III. Mehita1!LE Taylor, b. Aug. 14, 1736. 

169. IV. Rachel Taylor, b. and d. June 11, 1740. 

Fourth Generation. 

163. VI. Jedediah Dewey, 3d, b. April 11, 1714, ni. in 1736 (pub. 
July 3), Mindwell Hayden, of Windsor, Ct. He was a farmer at Westfield. 

FiftSi Generation — Children : 

170. I. Mindwell Dewey, b. Nov. 29, 1737. 

171. II. Lucy Dewey, b. Nov. 16, 1739, d. June 21, 1747. 

172. III. Jedediah Dewey, b. June 17, 1742 (supposed by the writer 
to be Rev. Jedediah Dewey, who was settled in Bennington, Vt., in 1 763). 

173. IV. Elijah Dewey, b. Nov. 28, 1744. 
175. V. Eldad Dewey, b. Aug. 12, 1747. 

175. VI. Lucy Dewey (2d), b. Nov. 9, 1751. 

176. VII. Margaret Dewey, b. Nov. 20, 1756. 

Fourth Generation. 

164. VII. Martin Dewey (son of Ensign Jedediah Dewey and Re- 
becca Williams), b. May 18, 1716, m. Oct. 7, 1740, Elizabeth Dewey. 
Shed. Oct. 12, 1756, he d. in Amenia, N. Y., June 20, 1763. 

Fifth Generation— CV/Z/./rr// .• 

177. I. Martin Dewey, Jr., b. Dec. 26, 1740. 

178. II. Elizabeth Dewey, b. July 12, 1743. 

179. III. Rh6da Dewey, b. March 23, 1746. 

180. IV. Mercy Dewey, b. Sept. 26, 1749. 

181. V. LucRETiA Dewey, b. March 27, 1750. 

182. VI. Grace Dewey, b. Oct. 1753. 

Third Generation. 

139. V. Thoma.s Dewey (^on of Jedediah Dewey, of Westfield, and 
Sarah Orton), b. June 29, 1682, m. Nov. 7, 1706, Abigail Ashley. He was 

1 8 75-] Dcwcy Family in America. 


a farmer at Westfield, and after 1737 at Sheffield, Mass. She d. Dec. 20, 
1747, and he m. for 2d wife Elizabeth Harmon, of Sheffield. He d. 
March 15, 1758. 

Fourth (Teueratiou — Childrfu .- 

183. I. Thomas Dewey, Jr., b. April 20, 1708, d. July 20, 1709. 

184. II. Abigail Dewey, b. April 24, 17 10. 

185. III. Israel Dewey, b. March 3, 1712-13. 

186. IV. Hannah Dewey, b. June 22, 1715. 

1 8 7. V. Bashua Dewey, b. Aug. 12, 17 18, m. April ig, 1744, James 
Bagg, of Springfield, Mass. 

188. VI. Thomas Dewey, b. Nov. 1721. 

Marriages in Westchester County, N. Y.; from the first Volume of 
Conveyances in Westchester County Clerk's Office. 

Westchester w. Province of New York. 
These may certefie all persons to whom these presents shall come that 
Matthew Pugsley and Mary, the daughter of Mr. Thomas Hunt, of ^Vest- 
chester, ffarmer by Brunkses River, where both joyned togSrther in matre- 
mony in her ffather's house the two and twentieth day of Novemb''. One 
thousand si-^ hundred and Eighty and three by me underwritten. 

Ita Rogatus Attestor. 
John Pell, Justice &c. 

Quorum Presed'. Comi'. 

Rebecca Pugsley, the daughter of Matthew Pugsley, born of his wife 
Mary, the seventh day of Sejiteiiiber in the year of Our Lord, 1686. 

1686 Dec. John Archer, of the Manor of Fordham, and Sarah 

Odell, of same place. 

1686-7 Feh. 20. Edward Colebourne, and Katherin Eorbush. 

Schuyler of New Jersey. — Communicated by Maturin L. Delakield, of New 
VorU. — The querj' repeated several times in tlie Record and elsewhere for information con- 
necting the New Jersey Schuylers with the New York family of that name is answered by 
the following, taken exclusively from old Bible's and manuscripts. 

Philip Scliuyler who came from Holland had by his wife iMagaret 

ist. Col. Peter Schuyler, who had two sons and one dau. Magaretta who m. Robert 
Livingston (the nephew of the head of the elder branch of the Livingstons in this country). 

2d. John grandfather of General Scliuyler. 

3d. Arent "married in the Jerseys .and possessed " "the only copper mine in this 
country that yielded" "affluence to his posterity." (j;V) 

4th. Philip lost in the woods and never heard from. 

Sth. Alida m. first Dominic Nicolaus Van Rensselaer and second Robert Livingston, 
(the uncle, or first Lord of the manor of Uvingston). 

6th. Gertrude m. Stephanus Van Cortlandt, one of whose dau's m. as Ins second wife 
Colonel Henry Beekman, but died without leaving issue. Colonel Beekman's first wife 
was Janet Livingston and their oidy issue who survived childhood was the great heire 
Margaret, wife of Judge Robert Livingston. 

7th. Magaret. 

Origiiml Fiunily -Reavds, Cnigcr. 



Contributed by Edward F. De Lancey. 

Arms. — Argent, a bend azure 
cliarged with three martlets or, 
Inticeen ttco greyhounds courraiit, 

Motto.— Z'(V7 noii Fortniia, 

Crest. — A deini-grcyhoinid saliaiit, 
gorged or. 

Motto — beneath the wreath — 

In the library of Mr. John C. Cruger, of Cruger's Island, Dutchess 
County, New York, is the ancient Dutch family, Bible of John Cruger, the 
first of the name in New York. It was printed in Dordrecht (or Dort) 
in 1688. The record is in Dutch down to the year 1728, and after that in 
Kno-lish. The following translation of the Dutch portion is accurate, and 
the whole has been carefully copied. The arms are from an ancient 
iron seal, now in the possession of Mr. John C. Cruger, which belonged 
to John Cruger, and has always been kept with tiie Bible from which the 
record is taken. 

1 702-3. NeAV York, March 5th, 1702-3,' married to my wife Maria Ciiyler, 
by Dominie Gual terus du Bojes. 

March 28th, 1704, my daughter Anna was born at 10 a.m., baptized 
by Dominie du Bojes, and sponsors. Brother John Cuyler and Sister 
Eva Cuyler. 

Nov. nth, 1705, at II a.m., my son 11/einan was born, and the 
same day baptized by Dominie H. du Bojes. Sponsors, Brother 
Peter van Brugh and his wife Sister Sarah van Brugh He was 
held at the baptism by Sister Eva for Sister van Brugl-u 



i87S-] Original Family Records, Criiger. ye. 

1707. Nov. 25th, 1707, at 10 a.m., 1113' son Henry was born, and baptized 

the 26tb. Sponsors, John van Giesen, Myndert Schuyler and his 

wife Rachel Schuyler. 
1710. July iSth, 1710, at 6 a.m., my son John was born, and baptized on 

the 19th. Sponsors, Sister Groenendyck and Henry Cuyler. 
1712. January 6th, 1712, at 5 p.m., my daughter jl/(7;v'rt was born, and on 

the 8th baptized by Dominie Vass. Sponsors, Brother Abraham 

Cuyler and Mary wife of Henry Cuyler. 

1 714. December 5th, 1714, at 12 o'clock, midnight, my daughter Sarah 
was born, and on the 8th baptized. .Sponsors, Brother Peter Dries- 
sen and Elsie Cuyler wife of Brother John Cuyler. 

I 71S. Afay loth, 1 718, 8^ a.m., my daughter Maria was born, and baptized 
on the nth. Sponsors, Abraham Keteltas and Maria wife of Henry 

1721. May loth, 1721, at 3^ a.m. my daughter Rachel was born, and bap- 
tized on the 13th. Sponsors, Brother Myndert Schuyler, and my 
daughter Anna Cruger. 

1715. New York, July 20th, 1715, at 5 a.m., my daughter Maria slept in 
the Lord, after having been ill ten days with small-pox (aged 3 

1724. New York, September 14th, 1724, at 5 a.m., my beloved wife Maria 
Cruger slept in the Lord, after eight months of suffering from hip 
disease, and on the i6th of the same month she was interred in the 
Low Dutch Church, beside her mother and her daughter Saliger.' 
Her age was 46 years 6 m. 1 1 days. 

1730. November 13th, 1730, my son Tileman arrived here from Curacoa 
very weak and sick, and on the i6th of the same month at 9 a.m. 
he slept in the Lord. Buried beside his mother and sister Saliger 
in the Dutch Church. 

1735. May i6th, 1735, arrived my son ZTcv/z-j' from Jamaica, with his wife 
and herdaugliter Hannah Montgomery who was born November 8th, 
1 73 1. His wife was the daughter of W'illiam Slauter or Slouter, and 
her mother Hannah Phillips. She was born in Jamaica A]iril 20th, 
1 713, and she was previous to her marriage with my son, the widow 
of Patrick Montgomery, by whom she had the above mentioned 
daughter Hannah. Mv son Henry was married to her in Jamaica, 
(Teganie) 28th September, i 734. She slept in the Lord September 
10, 1735, at s^- P.M. (of consumption), and was buried September 
13th, 1735, in the English Church, with the usual ceremonies of the 
same. N.B. Son Henry's wife's mother's name was Hannah Phillips 
born in Ireland, and her first marriage was with Peter Clayton of 
Port Royal, Jamaica, and after his decease with William SlauglUer, 
and after his death to Henry Wilson, who died Jan. 8th, 1724, and 
his widow died 1728. 
The record is continued in English : 

1744. On ye 13th of August 1744, father John Cruger then Mayor of this 
City dyed and (.he next day his corps was deposited in the Old Dutch 

On ye Sister Hannah dyed and her cor[is deposited 

in ye Old Dutch Church. 

' So in the original. 

>,5 Original Family Records, Crtiger. [April, 

1766. On ye 4th of March 1766, sister Sarah Gouverneur dyed an<l her 
corps was deposited in Mr. Gouverneur's vault in the New Dutch 

On"y?^Sh of March 1775, sister Rachael dyed and her corps 
" was deposited in Mr. Gouverneur's vault by sister Sarah 
1787. On ye 14th of April 1787, my sister Maria dyed and her 
^ was deposited in Mr. Gouverneur's vault by ^'^^J^^^^J^'^^^^^Ij^^^r;^- 

TOHN CRUGER came from Germany to America previous to the year 
i7'oo, and resided in the City of New York. An old record in the posses- 
sion of Mr. John C. Cruger, of Cruger's Island, says: 'trom the t.aduioi - 
arv account in the family and from the coat of arms which he brought with 
him it is supposed he was descended from the family of Baron von Cruger. 
¥ e ame of that family was always spelt with a C, whilst that of the com- 
monalty in Germany is spelt with a K." The name itself m its origin is a 
corruption, undoubtedly, of the Latin Cruciger, or cross-bearer 

He was a merchant, a high-toned gentleman, and a prominent c.ti/.en of 
New York during the first half of the eighteenth century He was elected 
AldLman of the Dock Ward in 1712, and held the othce till i733 mchi- 
sive the long period of twenty-two years. In 1 739 h^ became Mayor ot the 
City, and remained in office till his death on 13th August, i744- 

He married in 1702 Maria Cuyler, eldest daughther of Hendrick Cuyler 
of Albany, the first of that name in America, and Anna his wife, and had 
three sons, Henry, and Johi and Tikman. Tilem.^n died a young man, 

and unmarried. 

JoHr\he ymmgest son, who never married, was, like his father, eminent 
as a me;chant' and in political Ufe. He was elected Alderman m 1754 a.|J 
17.^ The next year ,1756, he was elected Mayor of New Yoik, and held 
he office for ten years till 1766. In I7S9 he was elected a representative 
in th^ Assembly, and remained a member till the termination of the Lng- 
lish rule in 1775, the long period of seventeen years. In 1769, m a closely 
contested election, he was' chosen Speaker over William Livingston, the 
candidate of the Presbyterian party, afterwards Governor of New Jersey, 
an 1 filled the same office in all succeeding Assemblies to the Revolu ion. 
^rom this fact he was always known in New York -fi;-„death, which 
took place at Kinderhook in 1792, as -The Old Speaker When e 
stamp act troubles occurred, John Cruger was chosen a delegate to the 
famous Congress of 1765, with Messrs. Bayard and Lispenard. He took 
1 Tominent par in th J proceedings, and wrote the " DeclanUion of Rights 
and Grievances," issued by that body. He was likewise the hi-s President 
of the Chamber of Commerce of New York ; and is the signer of the above 

'^ Henry Cruger, the eldest of the two surviving sons of John Cniger the 
first who was born 25th November, 1707, in New York, resided for many 
5 eis In that city, and was also in political life. He was a - ember of he 
Lsembly from '1745 to 1759, fourteen years and ^ff,?^''^f^J^^^X^ 
pointed to the Council of the Provmce, and served till i773V^hen he 
Sed, and was succeeded by his eldest son, John Harris Cruger. In 
May 1775, his health being impaired, he went to England and resided 
at Bristol with his second son, Henry, then Meniber of Parhament for 
that City. He died there in 1778, and lies buned m the centre aisle of 


£i»^i/liS^SiJnntIUtssr inp«:ttiniin'faif'iliaaiati'i%aaiBim 


'^75-] Original Family Records, Cruger. ^7 

Bristol Cathedral. He married for his f^rst wife on 28th September, 17.4, 
a lady of Jamaica, the widow of Patrick Montgomery of that Island, whose 
maiden name was Sloughter or Sianghter, but she died without children 
His second wife was a Miss Harris of the same Island, bv whom he had 
tour sons and two daughters. 

1. John Harris Cruger, m. 25 Nov., 1762, Anne de Lancey, eldest 

dau. of Brig.-Gen. Oliver de Lancey, of New York 

2. Henry Cruger, m. Miss Peach, daughter of Samuel Peach the great 

■ banker of Bristol, England. 2. Caroline Elizabeth Blair of 

3. TiLE.MAN, m. ^of Curacoa. 

4. Nicholas, m. i. Anr.e de NuUy, dau. of Auguste, Compte de Nully, 

of Santa Cruz. 2. Anne Markoe, dau. Isaac Markoe of Santa 

5. Mary, m. Jacob Walton, of New York. 

6. Elizabeth, m. Peter van Schaack, of Kinderiiook. 

John Harris Cruger, the eldest son, succeeded his father in 1773 as 
one of the Governor's Council, and was also Chamberlain of the City of 
New York, and in otlice at the breaking out of hostilities three years later 
When the Provincial Brigade " De Lancev's Battalions" was raised in 
1776, under Oh verde Lancey as Brigadier General, "for the defence of 
Long Island, and other exigencies," he was commissioned Lieut. -Colonel 
o| the 1st battalion or regiment, General de Lancey himself being the 
Colonel. He was very distinguished as an officer, on Long Island, at 
Savannah, Charleston, and Camden, brilliantly and successfully defended 
Fort Ninety-sLN; in South Carolina, against Gen. Nathaniel Greene, who 
was compelled to raise the siege, and by his coolness and steadiness turned 
the fortunes of the day in favor of the British at Eutaw Springs. 

After the war he went to England, and resided at Beverley^in Yorkshire, 
where he died. He had no issue. 

Henry Cruger, the second son, educated at King's College, N. Y., was 
m 1757 sent by his father to Bristol, England, to enter a counting-house. 
He became a successful and popular merchant of that citv, which he made 
his honie. In 1774 he and Bldmund Burke were nomina'ted for Members 
of Parliament for Bristol, and after a sharp contest elected. He was also 
once Sherift" of Bristol, and in 1781 was elected its Mayor. In 1784 he 
was again elected to Parliament. In 1790 he declined a re-election, hav- 
ing determined to return to America and reside there for the rest of his life, 
and in the same year came back with his family to his native city. Here he' 
soon became engaged in politics, and notwithstanding his service in Parlia- 
ment, and especially his re-election in 1784, after the peace of 1783, and 
subsequent service of about six years, he was, in 1792, elected a Senator 
of the State of New York, and served as such. His residence during the 
latter part of his life was at 382 Greenwich St., New York, where he died 
the 24th of April, 1827, aged 88 years. 

His first wife was Miss Peach, daughter of Samuel Peach the great Banker 
of Bristol, by whom he had one child, Samuel Peach Cruger, who subse- 
quently took the surname of Peach, and was the late Samuel Peach Peach 
of TockingtoR House, Gloucester, in England, who married a daughter of 
William Miles, of Leigh Court, near Bristol. They had one child, Emma 

g Original Family Records, Crugcr. [AP"'- 

Sarah who nuarried in 1820 Lord John Murray-Aynsley, a grandson of John 
Murray, thn'd Duke of Athol, and then- issue were : 

1. Charles Murray, b. 1821. 

2. James Murray, b. 1S23. 

■L John Cruger Murray, b. 1825. 
4! George Herbert Murray, b. 1826. 
5. Hugh Percy Murray, b. 182S. 
e'. Emma Athol Murray, b. 1843. 

The second wife of Henry Cruger was Miss CaroUne Ellzabedi Blair, 
and tbeir issue were, 

I. Henry H. Cruger, m. Mary, da«. of Nicholas Cruger, his first cousin. 

^ Cordelia, m. John H. Bailey, of N. \ . 

I MATroAt' rTho".l^-J. Oakley, late Judge of the Superior Court of 

New York. 
t roHN.'^ho'^ wLfrhe father of John Peach Cruger, of Crugers, West- 
Chester County, N. \. 
Tilcman Crw-cr, the third son, was a West India merchant, married a 
lady of the Isk.^d of Curacoa and resided there. He had a son, Henry, 

• """^f^er, the fourth and youngest son, was also a West India 
meSnt m ex ensive business at Santa Cruz, and tt was tn h.s^ 
lot se there that the relatives of the mother of Alexander Hannlto^ the 
dauSterof'aFrench physician of the Island of ^evts nau.ed tartce^^te 
who" were residents of Santa Cruz, placed h'^'" ^°"/,^f 4' was sub- 
liked the youth, and chiefly through his influence and advice, he wa. suD 
secmei Ivse t o New York, and thus enabled to enter npon the grea 
ca^e which le afterwards ra^. Nicholas Cruger, unlike his brother, leaned 
to the American side at the time of the Revolution, and be-^;"^4S2 
fdend and admirer of Washington, whom he,-'^°-f "'^(^,;",„'^;^,f ^^ 
triumphant entry into New York on Nov. 2Sth, i 83. ^^^^'.^^ 
voviaes to Santa Cruz the vessel was captured by a iiutisli man 01 
;:■ ' The c'lSn asked him his name ; on hearing it, he at o-e enq,nred 
!f he was anv relation to Col. Cruger of the British army at the South. 
uHei nybrotl e ;■ said Cruger. "Why," exclaimed the captam, " I am car- 
, HnHr,v the despatches to Covernment with the account of his 
SSS't SrdnSt^ then told him of the ColoneVs brave and 
^iiri-pciifnl defence of Fort Ninety-six. 

"Taken agam on another voyag^ to Santa Cruz, the captorsfotmd among 
his effects a portrait of Washington. On opening the box, the othcer ex 
c aimedf" Who have we here ? '' And instantly recogmzmg the po> t at 
com m,;d, " Oh, its the Pretender, I perceive ' Ihe vessel was sent mo 
New York, condemned, and Cruger kept a prisoner °.';, P^'^°l^- , ^^ ,^'^^^^; 
tivity was ;iot very severe, as he was permitted to reside with the relatives 
of his brother-in-law, Walton, at the Wa ton House 

Nicholas Cruger married first, Ann, daughter of Compte de Nui , 01 
Santa Cruz, whole mother, a lady of Dutch extraction, was named He>liger. 
By her {who died at Santa Cruz in 1784) he had issue : 

I BERTRAM Peter, m. first, Catharine, dau. of John B. Church and 
Angelica Schuyler, his wife.— /wi- • 

'^75-] Original Family Records, Cniger. 


1. Eugene, d. unmarried. 

2. Angelica, ni. Aiiguste Count de Bastard, of France. 

3. John Church, m. i. Miss Jones, who died without issue. 2. Euphemia 

van Rensselaer, third daugliter of the old Patroon 

4. Elizabeth, m. Alfred Pell, of N. Y. 

5. Anna Mary, m. Daniel Glover, of N. Y. 

6. Amelia, m. Charles Briggs, of New Orleans. 

7. Henrietta Julia, m. Henry Cruger, son of Tileman Cruger, of Curacoa, 

a 2d cousin. 
S. William Hyde, ni. Sarah Maxwell, of Peoria, 111. 

Bertram P. Cruger, married, secondly, late in life, Mary, dau. 
of Robert and Lady Mary Watts, and widow of Nicholas Romaine, 
M.D., by whom he had no issue. 

2. Henry Nicholas Cruger, m. Harriet, daughter of Henry Cruger, 

Cruger, M. P. for Bristol ; issue : 

1. Alfred, who died a young man. 

2. Clara, died 1855. 

3. Harriet. 

4. Julia. 

3. Nicholas Cruger, m. Mrs. Heyward, widow, of S. Carolina, whose 

maiden name was Trezevant (whose dau. b}- her first marriage, 
Elizabeth, m. Hon. James Hamilton, Governor of S. Carolina), 
by whom he had issue : 

1. Henry D., m. Harriet Douglass, of N. Y., no issue. 

2. Emma, m. John Irving, M.D. of South Carolina. 

3. Catherine, m. Bentley Haselle, of S. Carolina. 

4. Lewis, m. Louisa Williamson, widow ; her maiden name was Ancrum. 

5. Nicholas, m. Elizabeth Robert, of South Carolina. 

6. Anna Carolina, unmarried. 

4. Elizabeth, m. 1st, John Tower, of Santa Cruz, and had issue : 

1. Anne. 

2. Margaret. 

3. Catherine. 

4. Mary. 

2d, in May, iSoi, Ale.xauder Maitland, of Santa Cruz, who died 
in the' September following, and in the succeeding October she 
herself died. 

5. Mary, m. Sept. 1802, Henry H. Cruger her cousin, son of Henry 

Cruger, M. P. for Bristol, and died in June, iSio, leaving one 
child Catherine. 

6. Catherine, m. Oct. 1802, William Bard, of N. Y. — Issue : 

1. John, m. Margaret Johnston. 

2. C.AROLi.xE, unmarried, 

3. Anne, ra. Edward Prime, of N. Y. 

4. Susan, m. Ferdinand Sands, of N. Y. 

5. Eliza, m. Rufus Delafield, of N. Y. 

6. Samuel, d. unmarried. 

Nicholas Cruger married for his second wife Miss Anne Markoe, of San- 
ta Cruz, by whom he had two daughters. 

7. Sarah, m. ^\'illiam Heyward, of S. Carolina. — Issue : 


Original Family Rcavds, Criiger. [April, 

1. Anne, m. Francis B. Cutting, of N. Y. 

2. William C. 

3. James. 

4. Nicholas C. 

5. Henry. 

6. Edward L. 

7. Hannah, 

8. Maria. 

8. Eliza, d. unmarried. ^t- • 1 -a 

Nicholas C'nger died at Santa Cruz, in March 1800. His widow marred 
secondly, in Nov. 1801, William Rogers, of N. Y., who died m Jan. 1818 
and she died in N. Y., ijth June, 1833. She had no issue by her second 

""", the eldest daughter of John Cruger, m. Jacob Walton of New 
York, eldest brother of William Walton, who the Walton House.- 
Issue : 

1. Henry. 

2. Ellen. 

3. Anne. 

4. Eliza. 

Elizabeth, the youngest daughter of John Cruger, m. 1765, Peter van 
Schaak, of Kinderhook.— /w«t' •• 

1. Cornelius, b. 1766, d. July, 1775. 

2. Henry, b. 1769, d. 1797. 

3. Elizabeth. 

4. Cornelius, 2d. 

Mrs." Van Schaak, d. at Kinderhook, i8th April, 1778. 

Mr. Van Schaak, married secondly, in April, 1789, Elizabeth v^" Alen 
of Kinderhook, who died in 1813. By her he had John, David, Henry 
Cruger (now of Manlius), and several other children. 

Tvvoold manuscripts, one in the possession of Mr. John C Cu,ge,, 
and one relating to' Col. John Harris Cruger m my own, Valentme s 
Mani°a , the oufnals of Ae Assembly, and Council, of the Province o New 
York d e Life of Peter van Schaak, Henry C. van Schaak' s address befo.e 
d°e N Y. Hist? Soc. on Henry Cruger of Bristol, Burke's Peerage Burke s 
Landed Gentry, and some verbal communications from Mr. John C. Cruger 
and Mr. William Betts, are the authorities consulted m pteparmg the 
biographical portions of the above record. 

The accompanying portrait of Jo';;|Cr^er i. fr<^ a^origi^a. n^ 

New Yorl<, to whose personal l<inaness, and the courtesy of the iN. \. Histoucal bociety, 
which he has presented the plate, I am indebted for its use. 


1875-] Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in Ne'w York. gl 

THE CITY OF NEW YORK.— Marriages. 

(Continued from Vol. VI., p. 39, of The Record.) 





[5S7] A" 1652 

den 15 May. Jan Pieterszen Van Hiisuiii, Wed'., en Grietje Jans Van 

den 4 August. Jacob Ciirlaer, Van Nieukercke, Wed' en Lysbeth Van 
Hoogvelt, Van Arnhem. 

den 25 diet. Andries Pieterszen Kiiyper, Van Amsterd, en Tambertje 

Morges, Van tTytrecht, Wed". 

den 8 Septemb. Jan Janszen Van (iroeningen, Wed'. Van Agnietje And- 
ries, en Geesje Jans, Van Groeningen, Wed". Van Cas- 
par Springstej'n. 

deni4dicto. Albert Janszen, Wed'. Van Hilletje Willeras, en Elpken 
Neven, Van Eckelvaer in Holsteyn, Wed". Van David 

Eodeni. Hendrick Janszen, Van Aschwaerde in't Stift Bremen, en 

Magdaleen Jans Van Swol. 

Eodem. Domingo Angola, Neger, en Francienne Mandeere, Ne- 


den 22 dicto. Jan Nagel Van Limburg, en Grietje Dircx, Wed". Van 
Jan Schiit. 

den 6 Octob. Jacob Pieterszen, Van Leyden, en Grietje Jans, Van 

den 18 dicto. Ide Corneliszen Van Voorst, van N. Amsterd. en Hil- 

letje Jans Van Oldenburg. 

den 24 dicto. Cornells Hendrickszen, Van Dort, en Magdaleen Dircks, 
van N. Amsterd. 

den 22 Novemb. Barent Janszen Bal, Van Velthdysen in't Graefschap 
Benthem, en Anneken Pieters Xiy\. Holsteyn, Wed". 
Van Jacques Kinnekom. 

den 29 dicto. Hans Janszen Van Noordtstrant, en Janneken Gerrits 

Van Loon op't Sandt in de Mayerye Van den Bosch. 

82 Records of the Reformed Diiteh Church in New York. [April, 

den 4 Decemb. Hendrick Janszen,Van SchalckwjJck in't Stecht Cytrecht, 
en Trvntje Liibberts, Van't Fort Orangien. 

den i8 dicto. Charles 'Morgan, Van Nieiipoort in Wallis, en Catalyntje 

Huyberts van Haerlem. 

den I Febr. 

den 2 dicto. 

den 8 dicto. 
den 14 Mart, 
den 29 dicto. 

den 7 April. 

den 16 May. 

den I Septemb. 

den 3 dicto. 

den 1 1 dicto. 

den 25 Octob. 

den 18 Novemb. 

den 1 9 Decemb. 

A" 1653 
Pieter Roelofszen van Uytrecht, en Willemyntje Jans 

van tJytrecht. 
Eraaniiel Pieterszen, Neger, en Dorethea Angola Neger- 

Pai'do Negro, en Anthonia Negrinne. 
Isaac Hendrickszen Kip, en Catalyntje Hendricks Snyers. 
Anthony Angola, en Anna Van Capoverde. 
Hacke'Briiysen, VanWeische in Smallandt, en Anneken 
Jans, IJyt Holsteyn. 

Jacobus Schellinger, van Amsterdam, en Cornelia Mel- 

lyns, Wed«. Van Jacob Loper. 
Isaac Bethloo, Van Calls in Vranckryck, en Lysbeth 

Potters, Van Batavia in Oostindien. 
Jan Swaen, Van Stockem in't landt Van Liiyck, en Mar- 

ritje Jans. tt - u" » 

Hans Fommer, Van Hirts Velt, en Maryken Huyberts 
Van Geestnivdenberg. , 

Claes Claeszen Smit, Van Araersfoort, en Geertruyd 
Willekens, Van Hambiirg, Wed' Van Hendrick Guhck. 

Jan Janszen Van Oostersont, en Anneken Hendricks, 
Van N. Amsterdam. 

Johannes i\evius, Van Solen in de Betiiwe, en Anaentje 
Blevck, Van Batavia in Oostindien. 

Pieter Janszen Van Werckendam in Gelderl'., en An- 
aentje (;errits Van Amsterdam. 

den I Febr. 
den 14 dicto. 

den 16 April. 

den 19 April. 


den 20 dicto. 
den 20 May. 

A" 1654. 

Anthony Mattheuszen, en Maria Anthony, Negres. 

Jacob Hendrickszen Kip, en Maria de Lamontagne, 
Van Amsterdam, getroiiwt den 8 Mart. 

Gerlach Michielszen Van CoUiimer Zyll, en Lysbeth 
Thvssens, Wed'. Van Maryn Ariaenszen. 

Hendrick Gerritszen Van Nes in Embderlandt, en Anne- 
ken Wessels Van Colen. 

Herman Theuniszen Van Zell in Mimsterl', en Grietje 
Cosyns Van N. Amsterd. ^ , , -.r 

Gerrit Hendr. Van Waerdenbroeck, in't landt Van 
Cleeft, en Hermken Heermans, Wed'. VanWiUem 
Janszen. , 

Lowys Janszen VanYsendyck, en Aeltje Douwens, 
Wed'. Van Leuwis Joriszen. 

iSys-J Records of the Ri'fonncd Dutch Church in Xcw York. 8 


den 2 2 dicto. Barent AiKliit-szen, Van \\'recde in WestjAalen, en Els- 

ken Jans Wan Vooiden, in't Graetschap Ziitphen, Wed'. 
Van Jan Wesseling. 

den 24 Jim. Cornelis Van Riiyven, van Amsterdam, en Hillegond 

jVEegapolensis, Van Pancras in NoonltiiolP. 

den 15 Aiig. Gerrit Janszen Van Steenwyck, en Pietertje Heertjes, 

Wed" Van Claes Jacobszen. 

den 1 Novemb. Jan Dareth Van Uytrecht, en Rvckje Van dvck, Van 

den 27 dicto. Thomas Lambertszen Van Naerden, en Jannetje Jans, 

Wed'' Van Jeiuiaen Andrieszen. 

den 28 dicto. Dirck Smit Van Lockem, Vaendrig, en Anneken iMeyn- 

derts Van Doom in Embderl'. 

den 18 Decemb. Willem Janszen Van Heerd in Gelderl', en Leentje Mar- 
tens, Wed" Van Jockem Pieterszen. 

[S9i] A" 1655. 

den 5 Febr. Jan Perie, Van pont Le feecke, en Aefje Leenderts Van 

N. Amsterdam, 
den 19 dicto. Jacob Uges, Van de Stadt Orangien, en Magdaleen Briell 

Van Amsterdam, 
den 24 dicto. Gysberts Liibberts, Uyt de Beemster in Noordt Holi'. 

I.ysbeth Thomas, Van Londen. 
den 26 dicto. Hendrick P'olckers, Van Jever in Oldenbiirgerl', en 

Geertje Claes, Van N. Amsterdam, 
den 24 Mart. Jacob Theimiszen Van Naerden, en Neeltje Cornelis Van 

den 30 April. Jan Gerritszen Van Boxtel, en Grietje Jans, Van Amster- 
den 14 May. Cornelis Hendrickszen, Van Piitten by de Briel, en 

Styntje Hermans, Van Amsterdam, 
den 26 dicto. Nicasiiis de .Silla, Van Aernhem, en Trvntje Croiigers, Van 

de Hage. 
den 28 dicto. Jean dit Pre Van Coma, en Margariet Jans, Uyt Schot- 

den 29 dicto. Samuel Idsall Van Ridding in Barvvcshier in Oudt Enge- 

landt, en Jannetje Wessels Van Aernhem in Gelder- 

den 6 Jun. Nicolaes Meyer, Van Hamborg, en Lydia Van Dyck, Van 

den 12 dicto. Hendrick Hendrickszen Van Doesbiirg in Gelderlandt, en 

Marritjen Hendricks Van Haerlem. 

[592] . 
den 18 dicto. Claes Allertszen Paradys, Van Zdtphen, en Afaryken 

Mellyiis, Wan Amsterdam, 
den 4 Jiil. Tobias Wilbergen, Van Torreb in 't Jutland, en Hilletje 

Jaleff, Cyt Oldenbiirgerlandt. 
den 7 Aug. Simon Claeszen Van Groenmgen, en Anneken Lodewycx, 

Van Amsterd. 

84 Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in Neiv York. [April, 

den 29 dicto. Hendrick Zachariaszen Van Groeningen, en Folckje 

Claes Van Amsterdam, 
den 26 Septemb. Jacob Wolfertszen Van Couwenlioven, en Magdaleentje 

Jacobs Van Amsterdam, 
den 9 Octob. Michiel Rembouts Van Amsterdam, en Janneken Dircks 

Van Hoorn. 
den 10 dicto. ThVs Lubbertszen, Van de Ryp in Noordt holl', Tryntje 

fans, Van Amsterdam, 
den I 7 Oct. Aiidries Andrieszen Van Westroos in Sweden, en Wits 

Wytes, Van Coiidiim in VriesLant. 
den 30 dicto. Jacobus Backer, Van Amsterdam, en Marganet Stiiyve- 

sant, Van Delfs ziel. 
den 12 Nov. Andries Van der Shiys, Van Uytrecht, en Marntje Pieters, 

Van Amsterdam. . . 

den 13 dicto. Pieter Jacobszen Marius, Van Hoogvvoudt, en Marntje 

Pieters, Van Amsterdam, 
den 20 dicto. Liicas Andrieszen, Van N. Amsterdam, en Aefje Laurens 

Van Amsterdam, 
den 4 Decemb. Jan Theuniszen Van Tilburg, en Tryntje Pieters, Van 


[593] A°i656. 

den 13 Janiiar. Hilvbert Hendrickszen Van Rodenkerchen, in't Stift 

C'olen, en Marritjen Hendricks Van Norden, m Oost 

Vriesl'. . . „, 

den 4 Febr. Adriaen Hendrickszen Sips, Van Breda, en Gnetje AVar- 

narts Van Sclionevelt. 
den 2 iNIart. Ellert Engelbertszen, Van Eland in Oost Vnesl', en Sara 

Waacker, Van Baston. 
den 3 dicto. Jan Widelte, Van Condom in Vranckryck, en Jannetje 

jaspers, Van Amsterdam, 
den 14 dicto. Matthys MuUer, Van Diedenhoven, en Anneken Pieters, 

Van Amsterdam, 
den 25 dicto. Francovs Solv, Van Dora in Britannie, en Rose Nielle, 

Van Rochell, Wed'. Van Stephanus Suget. 
Eodem. Allard Anthony, Van Amsterdam, en Hennca Wessels, 

Van Uytrecht. Getrouwt den 12 April.* 
Den 5 April. Claes Thyssen, Van Amsterdam, en Agnietje Stryckers, 

VanDwinglo in Drenth. 
den 24 dicto. Tjerck Claeszen de With, Van Grootholt in Ziinderlandt, 

en Barber Andrieszen, Van Amsterdam, 
den 20 May. Thomas Franszen Van Briston, en Elsje Jans, Wed= Van 

Barent Andrieszen. 
den-'sJicto. Severeyn Eaiirenszen, Van Rootsisil, in Deenmarcken, 

en Tryntje Reynderts, Wed=. Van Arent Teemszen. 

[594] . . 

den 20 Jill. Fredrick Arentszen, Van Swartensluys, en Grietje Pie- 

ters, Van Breda. 

* Married the 12th of April. ' 

I87S-] Kecor'ih of the Rcformcii Dutch Church In Nnv York. 85 

den 5 August. Pieter Corneliszen, Van Warbeer in Deenmarcken, en 

Biiell Oiile, Van Gottenburg in Sweden. 
Eodem. Mey-nert Fredrickszen, Van Jeven, en Catliarj'n Burcharts, 

Van N. Anisterd. 
den 9 Sept. Simon Fell, Van Diepen in Vranckryck, en Anneken 

Vincent, Van Amsterdam. 
Eodem. Christoftel Crioell, Van S'. Thomas, en Maria Angola, 

\\'ed'. Van (ierasy Angola, 
den 30 dicto. Hendrick Van Bommel, en Rachel Detrien, ^'an Anisterd. 

in N. Nederl'. 
den 5 Octob. Andries Claeszen, Wed'. Van Agnietie Anthonis, en Mar- 

ritje Jans, Van Amsterdam, 
den 7 dicto. William Couck, Van Scharetz-Stryt in Engel' en Sara Pie- 

ters. Wed" Van Jan Janszen Schepmoes. 
den 14 dicto. Nicolaes Verlet, Wed' Van Susanna Jillis, en Anna 

Stiiyvesants, Wed' Van Samiiel Bayarts. 
den 21 dicto. Abraham Liibberts, Van Amsterdam', en Francyntie An- 

dries, Van Amsterdam, 
den s Nov. Mattheiis de Vos, Wed' Van Anna Peters, en Maria 

Pollet, Wed' Van Philip Oerar. 
[595] ^ 
den II Nov. Claes Janszen Van Purinesendt, en Anneken Cornelis, 

Van Voorst, 
den 18 dicto. Albert Leonards, Van Amsterdam en Ariaentje Corn. 

Trommels, V\'ed° Van Corii Claeszen Svvits. 
den I Decenib. Abraham Ivermer, Van Hamburg, en Metje Davids, Van 

den 31 dicto. Claes Pieterszen Cos, Wed' Van Neel Engels, en Grietje 

Afaes, Wed" \'an Claes Thomaszen. 

A» 1657. 

den 4 Febr. Christiaen Nyssen romp. Van Holsteyn, en Styntje Pie- 

ters Van Coppenhagen. 
den 3 Mart. Herman Hendrickszen, Van Bergen in Noordwegen, en 

Magdaleen Dircks, Wed' Van Cornelis Cajser. 
den 14 April. Claes Michiclszen Van Amsterdam, en Anne Marie Ger- 

brants. Van Norden in Embderi'. 
den 20 dicto. Evert Hedeman, tJvt't Graefschap Schouwenbiirg, en 

Elsje Reiivenkonip, tJyt't landt Van Marck. 
den 2 Jun. Pieter Janszen Van de Langestraet, Wed'. Van Dirckje 

Jans, en Marritje Jeiiriaens, Van Coppenhagen in 

den 13 dicto. Pieter Laurenszen Cock, Van Alberch in Deenmarcken, 

en Anneken Dircks, Van Amsterdam, 
den 15 dicto. Gabriel Corbesye, Van Leiiven, en Teimtje Straetsmans, 

Wed' Van Tieleman Jacobszen. 

den 5 Jill. Dirck Weyerts, Wed'. \ an Tryn Dircks, en Lysbeth Pie- 

ters. Wed' Van Jan Huygen. 


Records of the Reformed DiiteJi Cliurch in New York. [April, 

den 9 Aug. 
den 1 7 dicto. 
Sonder datum.* 
Sender datum, 
den 13 Octob. 
den 28 dicto. 

den 2 Novemb. 

den 15 dicto. 

den 24 dicto. 

den I Decemb. 

Jacob Jacobszen Van IVfiddelbilrg in Zeel'., en Machtelt 

iMichiels, Van Anisterd. N. Nederl'. 
Jacob Stoffelszen, Wed'. Van Vroiiwtje Ides, en Tryntje 

Jacobs, Wed" Van Jacob Walingen. 
Francoys de Bruyn, Van Amsterdam, en Catliaryn Verlet, 

Van Amsterdam. 
Fredrick Liibbertszen, Wed' Van Styntje Jans, en Trvntje 

Hendricks, Wed' Van Cors. Pieterszen. 
David Pieterszen Schuyler, Van Amsterdam, en Catalyn 

Ver Plancken, Van Amsterd., in N. Nederl'. 
Cornelis Janszen Clopper, Van Bergen op Zoom, en 

Heyltje Pieters, Van Amsterdam. 
Christiaen Pieterszen, Yxn Husem in 't landt Van Hol- 

stevn, en Trvntje Cornelis, Van Durgerdam in Noordt. 

Jan Ariaenszen Van Sardam, Wed'. VanPietertje Sippes, 

en Stvntje Jans Van Nimniegen. 
Liicas Pieterszen, en Anna Jans, Negros. 
Parent Egbertszen, Van Schuttorp in 't Graefschap Bent- 
hem, en Aechtje Alberts, Van Embderlant. 
Hendrick Loef, Uyt 'tStift Fulda in Thiiringen, en 

Geertje Hendricks Van Ziitphen. 

Pieter Name, Van ' Gravensande, Wed''. Van Catharyn 
Stelting, en Janneken Ranckc, Wed' Van Thomas 

A" 1658. 

den 19 Januar. Cornelis Van Langevelt, Van S'. Eaiirens in Vlaenderen, 

en Marvtje Jans, Van N. Amsterdam, 
den 9 Febr. Gabriel Martvn, Tvt VranckrVck, en Jannetje Boda, Van 

den 15 dicto. Christiaen Toemszen, Van Strabroeck in Brabant, en 

Engeltje Jacobs, Van Hoog-harsteen, in Holsteyn. 
den 29 Mart. Cornelis Corneliszen, Van Lexmond in 't landt Van 

Vianen, en Willemtje Gysberts, Van Barnevelt op de 

Eodem. Johannes Pieterszen Ver Brugge, Van Haerlem, en Cath- . 

arina Roelofs, Wed" Van Lucas Rodenborg. Getrouwt 

den 24 A|5ril. 
Eodem. Jacob Toeniszen Van Tiivl in Gelderl'., en Hilletje 

Toenis, Van N. Amsterdam, 
den 4 May. Marten Claeszen Van Bunnick, in't Sticht Van Uytrecht, 

en Jannetje Cornelis, Van Amsterdam, 
den II dicto. Barent Gerritszen, Van Swol in Overyssel, en Grietje 

Dircks, Wed". Van Jan Nagel. 
Eodem. Cornells Steenwvck, Van Haerlem, en Margareta Riem- 

ers, Van Amsterdam. Getrouwt den 5 Jiin. 

' Without (iate. 

iSys-] Re cor 

den I Jiui. 


den 26 Jul. 

den 27 dicto. 

den I Septemb. 


den 29 Nov. 

den 30 dicto. 

den 7 Decemb. 

den 12 dicto. 

■ds of the Reformed Dutch Church in Neia York. g? 

Willem Janszen Trapliagen, Van Lemgo, Wed'. Van 
Jutge Claes Groenvis, en Aeltje Dircx, Van Steenwyck. 

Jeuriaen Janszen, Van Aiirick in Oost Vriesl'., en Har- 

mentje Jans, Van Zutphen. 
Philippiis Jacobus Schoott; Van Antwerpen, en Jannetje 

Toenis Kray, Van Amsterdam in Nederl'. 
Dirck Houthuys, Van Amsterdam, en Geesje Steedts, Van 


Paulus Pieterszen, Van Merven, in't Stift Colen, en 
Iryntje Martens, Van Aken in't landt Van Giilick. 

Nicolaes de La pleine, Van Bersweer in Vranckryck, en 
Susanna Cresson, Van Ryswyck. 

Paulus Schrick, Van Neurenberg, en Maria Verlet, Wed'', 
Van Johannes Van Beeck. 

David Wessels, Uyt Oost Vrieslant, en Tytje Gommers, 
Van Jever. 

Barent Joosten, Van Witmont in Embderl'. en Svtje Lau- 
rens, Van't lange Eylant in N. Nederl'. 

Laurens Andries, 0yt Holsteyn, en Jannetje Jans, Wed'. 
Van Christaen Barents. 

den 3 Janilar. 
den 1 7 dicto. 
den 14 Febr. 
den 15 dicto. 
den 22 dicto. 
den I Mart. 

den 5 April. 

den 2 May. 

den I Jun. 

A" 1659. 

G3>sbert Martenszen, Van Loenen in't Sticht Van Uyt- 

recht, en Neeltje Jans, Van Amsterdam. 
Pieter Hendrickszen Christiaens, Van Voorburg, en 

Christina Bleyers, Van Stoltenon in Lunenburgerl'. 
Gerrit Janszen Van Campen, Soldaet, en Macktelt Stof- 

fels, Wed'. Van Anthony Lodewyck. 
D. Saniiiel Dr_vsius Predlc'. tot N. Amsterdam, en Lys- 

beth Grevenraedt, Wed' Van Elbert Elbertszen Glaserfi. 
Jan Artisert, Alias Niensovisch, Van Amsterdam, en 

Catharina Keerloos, Van Cambrigs in Oudt Engelandt. 
Jan Guisthoiit Van der Linden, Van Brussel, en Jannetje 

Barents, Van Haerlem. 
Hieronymus Ebbing, Van Hamburg, en Johanna de Laet, 

Wed'. Jan de Hiilter. 
James Chamel, Van Aberdilyn, Soldaet, en Anneken 

Ranckes, Wed' Van Pieter Name. 
Gysbert Toemszen, Van Barnevelt, AVed' 

Woiiters en Magdaleen VV'aele, 'Wed' 

Isaac Abrahamszen, Van N. Amsterdam, en Jannetje 

Jans, AVed'. Van Adam Sandt, Van Arnseym. 
Ryck Hendrickszen, Wed'. Van Judith Cornells, en An- 

netje Roelofs, Van Amsterdam. 

Van Aeltje 
Van Jocheni 

Thomas Verdon, Wed'. Van Barber Imbroeck, 
netje Claes, Wed' Van Tobias Toemszen, 

en Jan- 


Records of the Reformed Diiich Church in Nnu York. [ April, 

Eodem. Fredrick Hendrickszen Cuyper, Van Oldenburg, en An- 

netje Christofifels, Van Amsterdam, 
den 6 dicto. Meynert Karentszen, Van Jever in Oldenbiirg, en Anne- 

ken Cornelis, Van N. Anisterd. 
Eodem. Nicolaes Velthuysen, Van I.ubeck, Wed' Van Jmnetje 

Willems, en Aeltje Liibberts, Wed" Gerrit Bicker, 
den 7 dicto. Jan Lubbertszen, \'an Edam, en Magdaleentje Theiinis, 

Van Voorsthuysen. 
den 5 Jul. Cornelis Janszen, Van Leyden, Wed'. Van Lvsbeth Jans, 

en Josyntie Vei" Sagen, Wed'. Van Thomas Thomaszen. 
den 12 dicto. Francoys Le jere Van Scalmeny bv Diepen in Vranck- 

ryck, en Jannetje Hilleb.tants, Van Amsterdam, 
den 19 dicto. Jan Gervon, Van Beaumont in \V'aIslant, Soldaet, en Lys- 

beth Hendricks Wed". Van Laurens Janszen Deen- 

Eodem. Hendrick Hendrickszen, Van Groeningen, Soldaet, en 

Styntie Thomas, Van Amsterdam, 
den 26 dicto. Cornelis Jacobszen Stille, Wed'. Van Claesje Theimis, en 

Tryntje Walings, Van Amsterdam, 
den 28 dicto. Jeams Braddys, Wed'. Van Hanna Manning, en Catharina 

Cronenbilrg, Wed' Van Pieter Albertszen. 
den 5 August. David Jocheniszen, Van Amsterdam, en Christina Cap- 

poens, Wed" Van Jacob Hey. 


den TO Aug. 
den 29 dicto. 
den 5 Sept. 
den 20 dicto. 
den 24 dicto. 
den 2 Octob. 
den 4 dicto. 

den 10 dicto. 

den iS dicto. 

Abraham Janszen, Van 't Zuydtlandt in't iandt Van de 

Briel, en Tryntje Kip, Van Amsterdam. 
Hans Christiaenszen, Van Hblsteyn, Wed'. Van Engeltje 

Jans, en Marytje Cornelis, Van Flensburg in Holsteyn. 
Willem Bogardus, Van N. Amsterdam, en Wyntje Sy- 

brandts, Van O. Amsterdam. 
Gerrit Janszen. Wed'. Van Aeltje Lamberts, en Tryntje 

Arents, Van Amsterdam. 
Jacob Farmont, Van Brussel, Soldaet, en Annetje An- 

dries. Van Swoll. 
Sebastiaen Claes Van Sevenhilysen, en -Marritie Theiinis, 

Van x'-Vmsterd. in N. Nederl'. 
Claes Gangolfs Visscher, Van Amsterdam, en Lei'uitje 

Pieters, Wed' Van Cornelis Janszen Cloppenbiirg. 
Gerrit Hendrickszen, Wed'. Van Ytie Jans, en Lysbeth 

Cornelis, Wed" Van Marcus Pieterszen. 
Cornelis Janszen Van Hoorn, en Anne Marie Janszen, 

Van Tamerica. 
Franciscus Neger |_ ^^^^,^^_^ y^^^ ^^^.^ _ ^^ p^jj^,._ 
Catharma iNegrmne \ 
Pieter Rodolphus de Vries, Wed'. Van Francina Berck, 

en Margariet Hardenbroeck,- Van Ervervelt. 
Dirck Janszen, \Ved'. Van Janneken Theunis, en Geertie 

Jans, Van S'. Marten in NoordthoU'. 

i875-] Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in iVnc York. 




— Baptisms. 

(Continued from Vol. VI., p. 47, of Tjie Recoed.) 


(len 23 Jnn. Thomas Kiiizen. Thomas, 

den 4 Jul. David Wesselszen, Ameha. 

Tietje GoLiimels. 
den 1 1 dicto. Jacob Sam, Marie Sara. 

Eodem. Marten Claeszen, Grietie. 

Jannetie Cornelis. 
den 14 dicto. Lucas Andrieszen, Geertruyd. 

Aefje Laurens, 
en 25 dicto. Fredrick Liibberts-.Aeltje. 

zen, Tryntie Hen- 
den 28 dicto. Johannes Van Brag, Helena. 

Tryntie Roelofs. 
den I Aug. Isaac de Foreest, Sa- David. 

ra du Trieux. 
Eodem. Jan Theuniszen. i Wynefrid. 

[311.] 2 Lysbeth. 

den 4 dicto. Jan Vidette, Jannetje Jasper. 

Eodem. Michiel Tadens, An- Eduart. 

netie Eedvvarts. 
Eodem. Barthel Manus. Adriaen. 

den 15 diet. Joost Carelszen, Maria. 

Styntje Jans. 
Eodem. Abraham J. Van der Elisabeth. 

heul, Tryntie Hen- 
den 22 diet. Francois Leerhie, Jannetie. 

Jannetie Hille- 

l'A)dem. Cornelis Barentszen, Neeltie. 

Lysbeth Arents. 
den 29 diet. Adriaen Huybertszen. Ariaentje. 
den I Sept. Johan Jeuriaenszen, Jeuriaen. 

Becker, Marie Ad- 

den 12 diet. Samuel Etsal, Jan- Johannes. 

netje Wessels. 
den 26 diet. Abraham Clock, Albertus. 

Tryntie Alberts. 
Eodem. Jan Adriaenszen, Adriaen. 

Styntie Jans. 

■ 7 


Henry HreS'ser. Thomas Hall, Jan- 
netje TjMs. 

Meyndert Hudde, Adriaen Jans/cn, 
.\iinetje Tjercks, Klsje Dircks. 

Mattheiis de Vos, Nots. Margarlet 

Jacob Liiubvie, Marritie Swacns. 

Jan Janszen Van P.rcestode, Tryntie 

Johannes Pieterszen Van Brug, 
Jannetie Van Donck, Susanna 

Cornelis Steenwyck, Anneken 

Jacob Kip, d'liuysvr. Van Joh. Ver 

Frans Bloedtgoedt, Hillegond Jorifi, 
Marie Peeck. 

Francois Allard. 

Wilhelmus Theuniszen, Claver, So- 
phia Wouters. 

Adriaen Gerritszen, Anna Ver Vee- 
Isaac Kip, Emmetie Gosens. 

Hendrick i 
Jacob > Kip. 
Baertie ) 

Pieter Janszen Slot, Susanna Ver 

Arendt Janszen Dam, Marritje 

Christyntie Capoens. 

Pieter Tonneman, Johannes Ver 
Veelen, Z>Hie Adriaens. 

Herman Wesselszen, Henrica Wes- 

Anthony Van Aelst, Evert Duick- 
ing, Jannetie Verleth. 

Jan Barentszen, Tietje Lippes. 


Rcci'nis of tin- Reformed Di/frJi Chi/rch in A^'cic York. [April, 

(Invert Loockermans, Margareta 

Eodeiii. Jacobus Backer.Mar- Henricus 

grietie Stiiyves'. 
den 3 Oct. I'ieter Ruclolplnis, Maria. 

Margiiet Harden- 

den 6 diet. Jan Mevndertszen Etge. 

Belilje Plettenburg 
F.odem. Corn. Jacobszen Waling. 

Stille, Teuntie \Va- 

den lo diclo. Conielis Janszen, Hillegond. Adam Ongdba, HiUegond Joris, 

Anna Marie Jans. 
Kodem. Fredrick Hendricks- Salomon. 

zen, ],\sbeth Salo- 
den 20 dicto. Jan Erouwer, Jan- Pieter. 

netje Jans. 
F.odem. '\illem S. \'an Rot- Pieter. 

terdam, Jannetie 

den 24 d. Andries de Haes, Johanne.';. 

Catharir.a Hage- 

Foder.i. W'arnar Wessels/.en, ^^aria. 

Anna Elisabeth 

^Faria |ans llcsen;s. ijOiide Wvn. Tictie Gommels. 

Jacobus Backer, Hillegond Megap- 
olensis, Lysbeth Harings. 

Andries Andrieszen, Grietie Pletten- 

Cozyn Gerritszen, Vroiiwlje Gerrits. 

WiUem IJeeckman, Barber Philips. 

Thtjmas deHCarman, Sara Sanders. 
.\riaentie Gerrits. 

Isaac de Foreest, Elisabeth Van der 
lip hurst. 

Marie Wesscls. 


[.312] . 

i\e:Y\ 31 dicto. (ierr' Jans/.en Roos, GeU'n. 

Tryntie Arents. 
Eodem. Herman Janszen V Hermanns. 

levden, 'I'ryntie 

den 3 Nov. Jan Joosten, Tryntie Johannes. 

den 7 dicto. Parent Cruydop.Mar- Christoftel. 

griet de Groot. 
Eodem. Hendrick'1'euniszeii, 'I'heunis 

Grietie Samuels, 
den 14 dicto. Herman Jacobszen, Geertnivd. 

U'vntie Martens, 
den 17 dicto. Jan Wouters/en, Ar- Lambert. 

entje Arents. 
den 24 dicto. DenVs ^'an herten- Jannetie. 

den 28 dicto. Jan Janszen de Jong, Johannes. 

Eodem- Jacob Jacobszen, Racliel. 

i-lodem. Corn. Janszen Clop- Margriet. 

per, Heyltie Pie- 


Boete Roelofszen. Bayken .\rentR. 
Jeuriaen Hanel. 

Da[iicl Vandonck, Cornelia Lub- 
i.erts. l>reper, Tictie Gommels. 

Jai-obiis Backer, Margriet Harden- 

Harent Janszen, Geertie Pluvier. 

Marten Hooftrnan, I.ysbeth Hen- 

(Jlof Stephcnszen Van Courtlt., Jan- 
nelje (ierrits Van der (Jrist. 

Johannes de Peyster.Cornelis Stecn- 
wyck, .^nni'ken Loockermans. 

Hcndrick Spangiaert, Catalyntie 
J oris. 

.Mbert Coninck, Jannetie Jans. 

1875-] Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. 


den 12 dec. Pieter Janszen. Johannes. 

Eodem. Hans Ketel, Mar- Neeltje. 

ritie Cornelis. 
den 15 dicto. Jacob Theuniszen, Janneken. 

Hillegond Theu- 

Eodem. Huybert Hendricks- Susanna. 

zen, Marritje Hen- 
Eodem. l\tatdiys Klulder, An- Pieters. 

netie Pieters. 
den 19 dicto. Jan Hendr. Van Hendi-ick. 

Bommel, L\-sbeth 

Jans V. Amsterd. 
Eodem. Caspar Steynniets- Christoffel. 

sen, Jannetie. 
Eodem. Jacob Kip, Afarie de Jesse. 

La montagne. 
Eodem. Styntie Marcus. Andries. 

den 22 dicto. Christiaen Pieters- Marie. 

zen, Tryntie Pie- 
den 29 dicto. Jan Lnbbertszen, Marritie. 

Eodem. Jacob Stoftelszen, Stoffel. 

Tryntie AValings. 

Jan Rutgerszen. 

Lucas Dirckszen en syn hujfsvr. 

Abraham dc Lanoy, Marrilie Jans. 
Pieter de n^s, Marritie Hendricks. 

Bartel Meurois. Fredrick Hendricks, 
Helitic Lodowycks. 

Tietie I.;iurens. 

Gerrit Gerritszen, Rebecca Fred- 

Mr Gysbert Van Imbroeck, Abra- 
ham Janszen, Petronella dc La 

d'huyvr. Van Jan Schryver. 

Dirck Theuniszen, Susanna Sibouts. 

Harmen Smeeman, Hans, Claertie 

Ide CorneUszen, Claes Janszen, An- 
netje ComeHs. 


A' 1661. 

den 10 Jan. 


den 16 dicto. 

den 19 dicto 

den 23 dicto. 
den 26 dicto 
den 30 dicto. 
den 6 Febr. 

Eodem . 

den 9 dicto. 

Dirck Smidt, Vaendr. i. Dirckie. 

Annetje Meyn- 2. Geesie. 

Dirck Gerritszen, Gerrit. 

Geertie Hoppe. 
Joris Wolsy. Johannes. 

Meyndert Courten, Pieter. 

Maria Pieters. 
Johannes Nevius. Cornehs. 
JoostVanHnden,Fytie Machtelt. 

Daniel Van Donck. Cathalyntie. 
Francois de Briiyn. Agatha. 
Corn. Van Langevelt. Johannes. 
P>oele Roelofszen, Hendrick. 

Bavken Arents. 
Jan Adamszen, met- Dirck. 

selaer, (ieertruyd 

Pieter Janszen mesier, Willem. 

]V[arritje Willems. 

Capt. Nuyting:, Corn. Van Rilyven. 
Judith .Stuyvensants, Hillegond 

Jan Jilleszen Cock, .Aefje Laurens. 

Thomas Hall. 

Pieter Pi-aed, Aeltje Marsael. 

Nicasius de Sille, Swaentie de Pot- 

Harmen i ... 

Jannetie J 


OlofStephenszen Van Courtlt., Tryn- 
tie Roelofs. 

Johannes de Peyster, Anna Vcrlcth. 

Jacob Theuniszen VanThuJ^l, Aeltie 

Gerr't Janszen Roos, Tryntie*Arenis 

Marten Roeiantszen, Karentje 

Herry Breysjes, en syn lu'iysvr. 

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. [April, 


den 13 dlcto. Jan Corn, de Ryck, Cornelis. 

Marritje Gerrits. 
den 16 dicto. Burger Jonszen, En- Johannes. 

geltje Mans, 
den 20 dicto. Jan Roelofszen,Grie- Lysbeth. 

tie Thomas. 
den 23 dicto. Reynier Willemszen, Annetje. 

Susanna Arents. 
den 2 Mart. Geertie Wingens. Abraham, 
den 9 dicto. Franciscus douten. Marganet. 
den 13 dicto. Lucas Dirckszen, An- Dirck. 

netie Corn, 
den 16 dicto. WillemSimson, Cath- Marie. 

Eodem. Willem Bogardus, Sj/tie. 

W^mtie Sibrants. 
den 25 d. Aart Theuniszen, Theunis. 

middag, Brechtje 

den 27 dicto. Jan Janszen V. Bree- Simon. 

stede, Marritje 


den 3 Apr. Jan Beren, Lysbeth Fytie. 

den 10 dicto. Willem Willemszen, Marie. 
Geertruyd Van 
Eodem. Hendrick Janszen, Marganet. 

Sara Thomas, 
den 24 dicto. Joseph Waldron, An- Jan. 

netie Daniels. 
Eodem. Jeuriaen Janszen, Elsje. 

Harmtje Jans, 
den 27 dicto. Jan Adr. Van duyve- Johannes. 

Eodem. Egbert Meynderts- Maryken. 

zen, Jacobje Jans, 
den I May. Hendrick Bosch,Ma- Dorothea. 

rie Eshuys. 
Eodem. Hendrick Hendricks- Claes. 

zen, Aeltie Hend- 
den 4 dicto. Lambert Huyberts- Cornelis. 
zen, Hendnckje 
Eodem. Tan Tibout. Dirck. 

den IS dicto. jan Maste, Dieuwer- Ezechiel. 

tie Jans. 
Eodem. Ambrosius de Waran Jacobus. 

Ariaentie Thomas. 

Marten Van Waert, Balthazar Bajf- 
ard, Anna Stuyvensants. 

Jeuriaen Blanck, Marie Burgers. 

Adriaen Van lacr, Debora Jans. 

Sibout Claeszen, Wynlie Arents. 

Marritie Pieters. 

Gerr't de molenacr, en syn huysvr. 
Hans Ketel. 

Joris Dapson, Jannetie Thomas. 

Sibrant Janszen, en syn huysvr. 
Corii. Van Ruyven, Secretans. 

Theunis Gysbertszen Bogaert, Jorts 
Rapalje, Sara Joris. 

Cornelis Steenwyck, Anna Loocker- 

Jacob Montagnie, Anneken Jans. 

Paulus Van der Beeck, Arie Willems- 
zen, Marritie Willems. 

Jan de Jong, Anna Loockcrmans. 

ResoU'eert Waldron, en syn huys- 

Gerrit VanTricht, Annetie Meyn- 
derts. • 

Selitie Fredricks. 
Annetje Jans. 

Anthony de Mill, Hester CoOwen- 

Jan Albertszen Wit, Magdalena 

Jans. Geertie Hendricks. 
Claes Janszen, Geertie Jans. 

Pieter Jacobszen Marius, Marritie 

1 875-] Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. 


Joris Goderus. Hendrick Van Docs- 
burg, Marritie Hendricks. 

Eodem. Joost Godems, Jac- Maria. 

omyntie Frans. 
den 22 dicto. Jacob Leend.Vander Fredrick. Paaiiis leenderszen Vander Grist, 

/-> • , 1-, , ' Jannetie Gerrits. 

Grist, Rebecca 

Eodem. Paullis Pieterszen, Hilletje. Thomas Fredricx, Margariet Har- 

Tryntie Martens. denbroeck. 

den 29 dicto. Pieter Pieterszen, Tu- TaconiVntie '*''"' J^^^zen, jan joriszen. Sara 

J- , T ■ ^J J , ' Montfoort. 

dith Jons. 
I Jun. John A[oor, Predic' Joseph. 

tot Middelb. in N. 

den 6 dicto. Laurens Carstens- Carsten. Barthoiomeos Vander Schei, An- 

r. T-. netie Willems. 

zen, Sara P)urgers. 
den 12 dicto. Hendrick Kip, Anna Cornelia Nicasius de Siiia, Fiscaei en Raet. 

de Silk " Hendrick Kip, VValbSrg de SUla. 

den 19 dicto. Nicoiaes de iAFeyer, Anna Catha-Hendrick Van Djxk, Dievenje Bot 

Lydia Van Dyck, rina. 
[315] . 
den 26 dicto. Andries Hiidde, Rutgert. 

den 3 Jul. Jan Theuniszen, Marritie. 

Francyntie Hendr. 
den 17 dicto. Corn. Hendrickszen, Niesje. 

Stvntie Harmens. 
den 24 dicto. John Thoo. John. 

Eodem. Jacobus Brades. Marie. 

Eodem. Dirck Siecken, Geer- Hendrick. Aeieje Barents. 

tie Jans, 
den 27 dicto. Johannes Sprouck, Barbara. 

Annetie Sedelaers 
den 31 dicto. Roelof Janszen, VVillem. 

Geesje Claes. 
den 3 Aug. Jeronymus Ebbing, Francina. 

Johanna de I.aet. 
den 10 dicto. Arent Theuniszen, Harmen. 

Geesje Jans. 

Eodem. Jan Janszen V. Adriaen. 

Langestraat, Mar- 

ritje Adriaens. 
Eodem. Pieter Biijou, Fran- Isac. 

cyn Boujas. 
Eodem. Thys Barentszen V. Cornelis. 

Leevd., Svtie Cor- 
den 20 diet. Abraham Kermer, Abraham. 

Metje Davids, 
den 28 dicto. Hendrick Van Does- Johannes. 

biirg, Marritie 



Lysbeth Cregier. 

Theunis Cray, Marritie Lievens. 

Lodowyck Corneliszen, Agnietie Bo- 

Jacob Leiining, Tietje Davids. 

Pauiiis Van der Beeck, Marritie 

Corii. Van Ruy\'en Secret. HiUe- 
gond Megapolensis. 

Mr Evert Pieterszen. 

Severyn Laurens, Pieter Janszen 
Van Langestraat, Tryntic Van 

Isaac de Foreest, Susanna de For- 

Jacob Janszen Moesman, Hilletje 

Joost Goderus Vin Haerlem, Grietic 

Records of the Reformed Duieh Church in New York. [April, 

Paulus Leendertszen Vander Grist, 
Jannetie Gerrits. 

Jan de Roy, Rose Neeld. 
Cornells Clopper, Aefje Thymens. 

Geertie Broers, Reyer Arentszen. 

Evert Pleterszen, Schoolmr., Metje 

Abraham Lambertszen, Catharina 
de Brul. 

Willem Van Gesel. 


den 31 dicto. Frans Franszen, Leendert. 

Eodem. Jan Swaen, Manitie Metje. 

den 4 Sept. Daniel Terneur, Jac- Marritje. 

den 8 dicto. Alard Coninck,Grie- Aeltie. 

tie Barents. 

den II dicto. Cornells Cierlofszen, Christyntie. Salomon la Ch.>re, Magdal==n.,e 

Geertie Dircx. 
den 19 dicto. Willem Rasenburg, Willem. 
Annetie Rasen- 

Eodem. Abraham Liibberts, Abigal. 

Francyntie An- 

Eodem. Arent Evertszen, Su- Evert. 

sanna de Boog. 
den 25 dicto. Gerrit Hendrickszen, Margrietie. 

Marritie Lamberts 
Eodem. Corn. Van Gesel, Jacob. 

Catharina Ram. 
den 30 dicto. Jan Van Sara, Baertie Johannes. 

den 2 Octob. Claes Thyszen Kuy- Catalyntie. 

per, Siisanna Pie- 

den 4 dicto. Jan Gerritszen Van Margrietie. 


tie Jans, 
den 12 dicto. Anthony de Mill, Petrus. 

Elisabeth Van Lip- 

den 23 dicto. Gysbert Elbertszen, Claes. 

'Willemtie Claes. 
den 26 dicto. Jonas Bartelszen, Arent. 

Tryntie VVeemey- 

den 6 Nov. Joris Stephenszen, Jannetie. 

Geesje Harmens. 
den 9 dicto. Lamb. 'Hendr. Van Hendrick. 


den 13 dicto. CorneUs Steenwyck, Jacob. 

Hendriek ( 
Trynte . \ 


Daniel VanDonck, Catalina Vcr- 

Andries Van Bfiytcnhuys, Tryntie 

Johannes Van Brug, Cornelia dc 

Jacob Olphertszen. 

Anthony de Mill. Arent Haeck, de 
oude, Grietie Manieus. 

Pieter Andrieszen. 

IMarritie Van der Sluys. 


Margareta de Rit 
Arent Leendertszen, Harmen. 

den 20 dicto. Samuel Jacobs, Die- Paiilus. 
vertie PaulUs. 

Marten Kregier. Burgerm.. Johan- 
nes Van Brug, Schepen. Juffr. 
Judith Stuyvesants. 

Harmen Coerten. Albert Leenderts- 
zen, AeOe Leenderts, Ryckic 

Titus Sibertszen, Lydia Meyerts, 

I875.J Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in Xdu York. 


Cornells Pluvier. CInes GangeUzen, 
- HendrickjeWessels. 

den 29 dicto. Fredrick Arentszen, Pieter. 

Margrietie Pieters. 
den 30 dicto. Jan Will. V. Isel- Jaconiyntie. EUje Va.. Ruvenkam 

stevn, W'iilemtie 

den 4 decern. Ryck Hendrickszen, Roelof. 

Annetje Roclofs. 
Eodem. Claes Heynen, .Mar- (;errit. 

ritie Claes. 
Eodem. Paulus Jacobszen Jacobus. 

Eodem. Jan Gerritszen, Grie- l.j-sbetje. 

tie Thefinis. 
den I S dicto. Michiel 'fades. An- Eduart. 

netie Eduarts. 

Fretirick Hendrickszen, Annelic 

Jacob Turck, Philip Janszen. Jan- 
nelie Jans, Apollonia liarents. 

Tr^n Van Kampen, .\niietic .Adri- 

Tileman Van VIeck, Fytie WoCiters. 


den 22 d. 
den 25 d. 

den 30 


Jan Meyerts/.en, Be- Jannetie. 

li'tje Plettenburg. 
Abraham Pieteiszen, Apollonia. 

Elsje Crcrrits. 
Thomas Franszen, Dirckje. 

Elsje Jans. 
Arent Jeuriaenszen, Jannetie. 

Lantsman, IJelitie 

Jan Lfibbertszen, Mairitie. 


Picler Janszen, Marritie W'illcnis. ; 

Fredrick Janszen, Annetie Re^niers. 

Thomas Verden. I.ysbetli \'a.i Veen, 
Jannetje Claes. 

Hans Rieper. .Agnietie l!oons. 

Gerrit ) . -i v . 
Hans J Lubbertszen. 

A° 1662. 

den I Jan. Jan Joosten, Tryntie .Marritie. 

Eodem. Simon de Rovaen, Marritie. 

Magd. \"an der 

den 4 dicto. Dirck Janszen, Sinit, Tryntie. 

Marie Dircks. 
den 8 diet. Christiaen Pieters, Cornclis, 

Tryntie Cornelis, 
den II d. Isacq Pedlo, Elisa- Isacq. 

beth de Potter, 
den 15 d. Isaac Kip, Catalyn-lsaac, 

tie Hendricks. 
Eodem. Coeiiraedt ten Eyck, Andries. 

Maria Boel. 
den 25 d. Christiaen Anthony, Ytie, 

Engeltje Jacobs, 
den 26 d. Johannes Van Gel- Hester. 

der, Tan nek en 


Daniel Van Donck. Cornelia Liib- 

Jean Cocu, Jannetie F'rans. 

Hans -St^'n en sj^n huysvr, . Mar- 
ritje Damens, Lysbeth Pieters. 

Lucas Corporael. Annetje . 

Johannes Van Brug. Anna StiijSe- 

Hondrick Kip. .•\braham Janszen. 
Feimnetie Kips. 

Albert Conincks, Margarict Harden- 

Abraham I-ambertszen. Arent Cor- 
neliszen, Claertje St^n. Grietie 

Johannes de Pej'ster. Marritie de 


den 28 d. 

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. [April, 

Jacob Theimiszen, Johannes. 

Key, Hillegond 

den I Feb. Claes Ditelofszen, Ditelof. 

Aeltie Samsons, 
den s d. Claes ClaeszenBord- Simon. 

ing, Susanna Mar- 

Eodem. Douwen Hermans- Jannetie. 

zen,l)irckje Theii- 

den 26 d. Laiirens Van der Lysbeth. 

Spiegel, Sara Web- 


Joost Theimiszen Hoeh, Comelis 
Van Langevelt, Marritje Jans, lie- 
htje Jacobs. 

Rutgert WlUemszen, Pieterje Jans. 
PieterWolfertszen, Hester Simons. 

Jan Corneliszen de Ryck, Marritje 

Wolferl Webber, de Oude. Chris- 
ty ntje Lapoeus. 

Ceertie Theunis 

den 28 diet. Adam Dirckszen, Margrietie. 
^ Magdaleentie V. 

den 2 Mart. Stoffel Elsewaerdt, Joris. 

Kodem. Claes Arentszen, Arent. 

l^ommetje Hen- 
den 5 dicto. Dirck Claeszen. Geertie. 

Eodem. Warnart Wessels, Chnstma. 

Anna Elizabeth 
Eodem. Francois de Briiyn. Jacob, 

den 12 dicto. AiigustynHeerrnans, Francina. 

Janneken Verleth. 
den I S dicto. Abraham Jongbloet, Alexander. Marritje Dopsen. 

den 19 dicto. Abraham Janszen, Tryntie. 

Trvntje Kip. 
Eodem. tierri't Gerritszen, Jannetie. 

Annetje Hermans, 
den 31 dicto. Andries Andrieszen, Tietie. 

Niesie Hiiytes. 
Eodem. Jan Cornelis Koster, Cornelis. 

Annetje Engels. 
den 2 Apr. Jan Jilleszen, Mar- Johannes. 

ritie Van Hoboken 
den 5 dicto. Jan Mooris,Marrietje Jorisum. 

den 9 dicto. Fredrick Hermans- Johannes, 

zen, ChristynJans. 
den 16 diet. Johannes de Peyster, Isaac. 

Cornelia Lubberts 
den 19 dicto. Hcrck Siboutszen, Annetie. 
Wyntie Theunis. 

Melis Arentszen, 

Cuert Stephenszen, Geersje Claes. 

Jannetie Cornelis. 

Pieter Nvssen, Tliomas Hall, Metje 

Anthony de MiU.AnnaStuyvcsants. 

Francois de Bruyn, Isacq Bedlo. 
Margrietje Stuyvesants. 

Hendrick Kip, Femmetje Kips. 
HeimanWessels. Fytie Hertmans. 

Jan Gerritszen VanVorst. Aeltje 

Mr F>ertPieterszen. Niesje Van der 

Jacobus Backer, Hans Steyn. Mar- 
grietie Stuyvesants. 

Herman Snymer. Mr Engel Biirg. 

Jeremias Janszen. Marrietie Besems. 

Daniel Van Donck en sj'n huysvr., 
Isaac BrCiynsteyn, Sara Marssen. 

Hillegond TheiSnis. 

i87S-] Records of the Society of Friends. 



Communicated by Abraham S. Underhill, of New York. 

Continued from Vol. V., p. igo. 


[The original records of all these marriages are copies of the marriage 
certificates, and to each certificate are appended the names of the witnesses 
present at the ceremony. .\s these names are, in most instances, very 
numerous, generally comprising all members of the Society present at the 
meeting, and are thus necessarily merely repetitions of the names of the 
same persons, the Publication Committee have concluded to omit them. 
The full transcript is in the hands of the Committee, and open to the in- 
spection of any one desiring to examine or copy the names.] 

The 30* of y° 8"' ,°, 1663. At Oysterbay, Samuel .Andrews and Mary 

The 21" ofy'^ 3''^ 1C65. At Ovsterbay, Samuel Spicer and Caster 

The second first day of y° S"' °, 1668 At Oysterbay, John Underliill and 
Mary Pryer. 

The lo'" of y= S"" J, Anno 1670 At Oysterbay John Tilton Jun' and 
Mary Coats. 

The 15* of y' 7*°, 1670 At Killingworth, John ffeake and Elizabeth 

The 12* of y= 3'' ;; 1674 At fflushing, John Tilton Jun' and Rebeckah 

Y" second day of y° 9* month 1678 At fflushing, John Pr)er of Killing- 
worth and ElizabeUi Bowne of fflushing. 

The 27 day of y" 9* ^ 1678 h\ y" house of Henry Willis, George 
'Masters of New Yorke, talor, and .Mary Willis of Westberry in y' same 

The first day of y" fourth ^ 1679 At West Chester, Samuel Burden of 
Road Island now inhabitant in New York And Elizabeth Crosse late of 
E.xon in old England now resident in New Yorke. 

Y" second day of the 12 °, 1679 At fflushing, John Bowne and Hannah 
Bickerstaff both now living at fflushing. 

Y' 17"' of y° i",°„ i68f At Oysterbay, Isaac Horner and Lydia \\'right 
both of Ovsterbay. 

The 25* day of the first month (March) 16S6 At fflushing Rich'' Willits 
of Jericoe on Long Island husbandman And Abigaile Bowne daughter of 
John Bowne of Flushing on s"" Island. 

The 27*ofy'^ 10* month 1684. At fflushing, Thomas Loyd of Phila- 
delphia & Patience Story of New York The Meeting left them to their 
owne time for y" consumation of their Intended Marrige. 

n8 Records of the Society of Friends. [April, 

V 31 da}- of y= 3' ;, 16S6. At l''lushing. Joliii De I, avail of New York 
Merch' ami Hannah Lloyd the daughter of Thomas Lloyd of the same 

Y° 30"" day of y° „f„ 1686. At the house of Mathew Pryer, Montinecott, 
John Gould sone of David & Wait Gould ot Rhoad Island and Sarah Pryer 
daughter of Mathew & Mary Pryer of Montinecott on Long Island. 

The 22 day of y'= 6 ni"'"'' 1686. At Flushing — Henry Clyfi'ten and Re- 
bekah Adams both of Flushing in the jurisdiction of New Yorke. 

The 15"' day of the first month i68f At oysterbay, Edward White of 
oysterbay and Mary Coo[)er daughter of Simon & Mary Cooper of said 
towne on Long Island. 

Y" 12"' of y" 6"' °, 1686. At New York Casper Hoet of New Yorke 
Tailor and Elizabeth Delaplayn The Daughter, of Nicholas Dela|)layne of 
the same place. 

The 7 day of y'= first ° 168^. At Jerico. John Fry of Jerico &c and 
Mary Williss both of Jerico. 

The 10"' day of y" six ,° 1687. At Westburie, William Willis, sonn of 
Henery & Mary Willis and Mar}' Titus Daughter of Edmond & Martha 
Titus of Westburie in the bound of Hempstead on Long Island &c. 

The 21'' of ye twefth month 16J. At New York. Albertus Brandt of 
New Yorck Merchant and Susannah Telner Junior the daughter of Jacob 
Telnerofy same place. 

The 26"' day of the first month 16S8. At Jerico. John Dole and Mary 
Jessup of Liisum &c. 

The 5"' day of the month call^ July in the year according to the English 
account one thousand six hundreil Eighty eight. At New York Richard 
Jones of New Yorke in America Merchant son of Richard Jones of the 
Citty of London, Taylor, and Dorcas Coaker 'of New Yorke spinster 
daughter of Nicholas Coaker of the same place Marriner. Deceased. 

The 27"' day of third month in the year according to the English account 
1689. At Flushing, Henry Francklyn of fflushing on Long Island in Ame- 
rica Bricklayer son of Mathew ffrancklyn deceas'' and Dorothy Bowne 
daughter of John Bowne of fHushing afors''. 

15"' day of y° third month may 1690. At Huntington, Richerd WiUetts 
of Jerichoe on Long Iseland husbandman and Abigal Powell daughter of 
Thomas Powell late of Huntington on said Island. 

The twenty fourth day of the twelfth month 1689. At Westbury, Robert. 
Field son of Robert ffield of Newtown and Phebe Scudder of Westbury in 
the bounds of Hempstead, Widow both of Long Island. 

The 2'' day of the 9"" month called November 1690. At Westbury 
Thomas Powell late of Huntington on Long Island and Elizabeth Phillipps 
of Jericho on the said Island. 

The 22 day of y° 9™ 1687. At Jemeco. John \Vay of Newtown and 
Sarah Dane Daughter Samuell and Elizabeth Dane of Jemeco ttc. 

The sixth day of y"' ninth month one thousand six hundred nintie one. 
At Bethijhage — Samuell Titus of Westbery on Long Island and Elizabeth 
Powell of Bethphage of y° s"* Island. 

The thirtiedi day of y'= ninth Month in y' year according to y" English 
acco' I691. At Flushing. Benjamin ftield son of Anthony field yeoman 
of Long Island deceased and Hanah Bown Daughter of John Bown of Long 
Island affore^'' yeoman. 

1 8 75-1 Reiords of the Sociefy of Friends. 


The 28* day of August 1692. At Matinicott. — James Delaplain late 
of New York now of Pensilvania and Hanah Cock of Long Island. 

The so"" day of y-" 9"^ month 1692. Horseman Mollenex of West Chester 
in y= county of West Chester in the province of New Vorke husbandman 
and son of Thomas Mollenex of same place and Elizebelh Heustis daughter 
of Robert Heustis of said place. 

The 26* day 4 mo 1693. At Hushing, John liowne of Flushing and 
Mary Cock daughter to James Cock of Mattinicott tfec. and Sarah his wife. 

The 6* day 9 month november 1691. At Bethphage, Thomas Powell 
of fiethpeg on Long Island husband man and Mery Willets of the same 
daughter of Thomas Willets of Jerico on said Island. 

The 24 day 5 mo 1693. At Metenicoke Simon Cooper son of Alery 
Cooper of Oysterbey and Martha Pryer Daughter of Mery prver of .Metini- 

The ninth day of the Eighth month 1695. At Westbery — John Titus son 
of Edmund and Martha Titus and Sarah Willis daughter of Henery and 
Mery Willis all of Westbery in the bound of Hemijstid in queens county on 
Long Island alias Nashaw. 

The ninth day of y° Eight month in y" yere one thousand six hundred 
and ninty five. At Westbery Nathaniell Seamans of y' towne of Hempsted 
and Rachell Willis the Daughter of Henry Willis & IVLary his wife of y° 
town of Hempsted in queens county on long Island Alls Nasaw &c. 

The ninth day of the Eight month in the year one thousand six hundred 
and ninty five, At Westbery — William Albardson son of William Albard- 
son of Newtown in the county of Gloster in the Provnce of West New Jer- 
sey and Ester Willis daughter of Henery & Mery ^Vilis of Westbery &c. 

The 9"" day of the ninth month called November in y' yeare 1695. At 
P'lushing Joseph Thorn son of John Thorn and Martha Bowne daughter of 
John Bowne all of Flushing &c. 

Y° 25 day of 2 mo 1696. At Flushing, Daniell Kirkpatrick and Dinah 
Yeats both of Flushing &c. 

The 22 day 8 mo 1696 Flushing on Long Island alis Nasaw. Isack 
Gibs son of Richerd & Sarah Gibs of Brookland &c. and Hannah Dick- 
inson daughter of John Dickinson of Oysterbay. 

The I day 7 mo called September i6g8. At Jerico. Martyn Jervise of 
philedelphia in the province of pensylvana and Mary Champian of West- 

Y'' first day of the tenth month 1698. At Matinicok. James Cock son 
of Sarah Cock and Hannah F'eakes Daughter of John and Elizabeth 
Feakes all of Motinicok in the bounds of Oysterbay &c. 

The fift day of the eleventh month in the year 1698. At Hempsted. 
Richard Osburn of the town of Hempsteed and Jane Coats y' daughter of 
John Coats of the same towne in queens county on Long Island Alias Na- 
shau &c. 

The twenty eigiit day of the Sixt month i6c)<). At Matinacock in the 
bounds of Oysterbay &c. Henery Cock son of James & Sarah Cock 
and Mary ffeakes. Daughter of John & Elizabeth ffeakes. all of Matina- 
cock &c. 

The twenty Eight day of y' first month called Martch in y" year one 
thousand seven hundred. At fiushin. Deieck Arson of y'' town of Hush- 

jQQ Records of the Society pf Friends. [April, 

ins upon Long Island Alias Nasaw &c. and Hannah Hedger daughter of 
Thomas Hedger of the town aforsaid. 

The Eleaventh day of y" fourth month in y' year one thousand seven 
hundred. At West Chester Edward Burling of New York Carpenter and 
Phebe Ferris spinster daughter of John and Mary fferris of West Chester in 
the province of New York aforesaid. 

The iirst month one thousand seven hundred arid one. At Hempsted— 
Tarvis Faro of Springfield In y= county of Burlington in West Jersey and 
Elizabeth Willits Daughter of Hoop and Mary Willits of Hemsted &c. 

Y'= Q d S mo called July 1701. At the house of his mother Susannah 
Field widdow in Newtown— Nathaniell field of Newtown husbandman and 
Patient Bullock of y' Iseland of Barbadoss, At Flushing. 

The d 8 mo. 1701. At Jerusalem.— Richerd Ridgway son of Richerd 
Ridgway of West New Jersey and Mary-- Willits daughter of Hoop and 
Marey Willits of Jerusalem In queens county on Long Iseland. 

The first day of the Seaventh Month called September anno Seventeen 
hundred and two.— At Flushing— William Haig Kerch' of Antigua and 
Mary Marsters of New York Daughter of Mary Marsters of said citty. 

Ye Si.xt day of y= Elevnt month 1702 At Jericoe, Joseph Wilhts son of 
Hope Willits and Merrey AVillits and Deborah Simons Daughter of SoUo- 
mon Simons and Elizebeth Simons all of Hempstead &c. 

ye jth ^ of jth month 1 704. At Westburv. Nichohis Haight son ot 
Sam" and Sarah Haight of Flushing and Patience Titus daughter of Edward 
and Martha Titus of Hempstead. 

Y= Eight day of v' tenth month 1704. At Flushing SiUus litus son ot 
Edmond and Martha Titus of Westbury and Sarah Haight Daughter of 
Sam" and Sarah Haight of fflushing. ti u 11 

y= Q* dav of y"= 1 1 mo called January 1 704. At Brookhaven John 1 owell 
son of Thomas Powell of Bethpage in the limits of Oysterbay &c. and 
Margret Hallock daughter of John and Abigail Hallock Brookhaven in the 
county of Suffolk &c. , x^ ,• , 

y= nintent day of y= Elevent month according to our English account 
1 704. At fflushing Thomas Gaile. son of Abel and Dinah Gaile of Jemeca 
&c. and Abegal Smith daughter of Alexander Smith Deseased and Mary 
his wife of y*^ towne county and yirovince aforesaid. ^ 

13'^ of y"^ 10'" m° in y' year 1701. At flushing, Samuell Tatum ot y 
towne of flushing &c. husbandman and Mary Southwick late of Road 

y= 24 day of v= 10 mo 1706 At Broockhaven. Thomas Willitts son of 
Thomas and Dinah Willitts of Seagoetauge m the county of Souff-olke on 
Nassaw Iseland and Kathnne Hallock daughter of John and Abigal Hal- 
lock of Brookhaven in the county aforesaid. 

V' twenty third day of the 12 month 1707. At Oysterbay, WiUiam Glading 
late of Burlington in West New Jersey, and Mary Fry daughter ot William 
Fry and of Tomeson Fry of Oysterbay &c. , , , , ■ a f 

The EiMit day of y= ninth month and Seventeen hundred and nine At 
FIushin--John Shotwell son of John Shotwell of Staten Island and Mery 
Thorn daughter of Joseph Thorn of flushing witnessed by 26 hands. 

The twentv fifth day of y= ninth month in y= year Seventeen hundred and 
Eight At Westbery Thomas Pearsall son of Nathaniell Pearsall late of 
Hempsted deceased and of Martha Pearsall his wife and Sarah Under- 

i875-] Reco7-ds of the Society of Friends. lOi 

hill daughter of John Underhill and of Mary Underhill his wife Late of 
Mattenocock-in the bounds of Oysterbay. 

The Eight day of y'' tenth month Ano Seventeen hundred and nine. At 
Fhishing Samuel Bowne and Hannah Smith both of flushing &c. 

The Ninth day of the second month cald Aperil in y' year according to 
English account one thousand seven hundred and nine 1709 At flushing, 
Johnathan Hewstis of 'Westchester, carpenter and Mary Brandreth daugh- 
ter of Timothy Brandreth of West Jersey. Witnessed by thirty hands. 

The thirteenth day of y= second month Ano 17 11. At flushing— David 
Heustis of West Chester and Mary Haight daughter of Samuell Haight of 
Flushing Queens County. 

The foreteenth day of the Si.xth Month Ano One thousand seven hun- 
dred & twelve. At flushing — Thomas Potts of Bristol townsliip in y'= 
county of Philadelphia in jjensilvania and Judith Smith of flushing &c. 

The twenty third day of y'' twelveth month ano 17^5-. At Mattincock 
Beniamin Field of flushing and Elisabeth Feaks daughter of John Peaks of 
Mattincock in the bounds of Oysterbay &c. 

The fifth day of y" tenth month in y° year Seventeen hundred and twelf 
At flushing— Abraham Shadvvell son of John Shadwell of Staten Island 
and Elizabeth Cowperthwite daughter of John Covvperthvvite of West Jer- 

Phe ninteenth Day of y° tenth month in the \-ear of our Lord one thou- 
sand seven hundred and Eleven. At Westbury, John Fry Jr. of oyster- 
bay &c. yeoman, son of John Fry of Oysterbay and Mary Urghartt 
Daughter of John Urghartt now of East Jarsey. 

U'he twenty-ninth Day of the third month in the year of our P.ord one 
thousand seven hundred and twelfte At Jerico — John Burr of Northhamton 
in the county of Burlington in West New Jarsey son of Henry Burr yeo- 
man and Elizabeth Burr his wife and Kezia Wright of oysterbay <&c. 
Daughter of Job Wright late of oysterbay Deceased and Rachell his 

The twenty-second day of y'^ second month 1714 — At flushing — Thomas 
Hedger and Abegal Farington both of flushing &c. 

The 21. day 5. mo 1714. At flushing, John Bowne and Elisebeth Law- 
rance Daughter of Joseph Lawrance both of flushing iS;c. 

The ninth day of y= tenth month of y° year 1715. At Newtown, Sam- 
uell Thorn son of Joseph and Martha 'Phorn of flushing and Ann Steven- 
son Daughter of Thomas and Ann Stevenson of Newtown &c. 

The first day of y^ seventh month in the year of our lord one thousand 
seven hundred and fiveteen. At Westbery, Thomas Stokes of Waterford 
in Glouster County in West New Jersey, yeoman and Reachel Wright 
daughter of Job Wright Late of Oysterbay &c. 3-eoman, deceased and of 
Reachel his wife. 

The ninth day of y' third month in y= year of our Lord seventeen hun- 
dred of si.xteen. At Mattinecock Thomas Whitson Jur. of Bethpage yeo- 
man and Deborah Feaks of Mattinicock &c. 

The Eighth day of y" third month called May in the year of our Lord 
one 'I'housand Seven hundred and Si.xteen. At (flushing, Jonathan Dickin- 
son of Philadelphia in the province of Pensilvania son of Jonathan Dickin- 
son of Philadelphia Merch' and Hannah Rodman daughter of Doct' John 
Rodman of fflushing. 

jQ, Records of the Society of Friends. [April, 

The seaventh day of y= first month 1716. At Westbery, Thomas Bowne 
soa of Samuel Bowne of flushing and Hannah UnderhiU daughter of John 
Underhill deceased at Mattinicock. ^ ., , 

The twenty-second day of f ^ight month ni the year one thousand 
seven hundred and fifteen. At Westbery, Obadiah Valentme of Hemsted 
&c son of Obadiah Valentine of the town & county aforesaid yeoman 
and Martha Willis daughter of Richerd Willis Late of oysterbay deceased 
and of Abesal Willis his wife. Tin- f 

The nineteenth day of the fifth month 17 16 At fflushmg, John \\ ay of 
New Town and Sarah Burling of Flushing. 

The twentyeth day of Seventh month 1 7 1 6. At filushuig, Samuel bowne 
Junior and Sarah Franklin Jun' both of Flushmg. . ,^ , . ^, ^ . 
•^ The Twentyeth day of the Seventh month 17 16. At fflushnig, Matthew 
Farrington son of A'ktthew farington and Hannah Hedger Daughter of 
Hannah Hedger Widdow all of Flushing &c. -, t^- w a^ 

The ninth day of the Eight month seventeen hundred and Eighteen At 
flu^hin.^ Isaac Horner of Mansfield in t Countey of Bomlingtown.and 
province of Wast New Jursey and Elenor Bowne Daughter of Samuell 

%\\'four[eenth Day of t first month in y= year of our Lord one thou- 
sand Seven Hundred and Sixteen. At Nevvtown John Haight of flushmg 
&c. yeoman and Phebe Titus of Newtown 6:c. Daughter of Samuell iitus 
of Hempsteed &c. yeoman. xj 1 j „„a 

The sixth day of y' second month m y= year Seventeen Hundred and 
Seventeen. At fflushing, John Slocum of New York Ship carpenter and 
Susannah Hunter of the same place Spinster. , 

The twenty-sixth day of y= tenth month cald desember in y= year accoid- 
ing to English account one thousand Seaven hundred and seventeen, 1717. 
Jacobs wTuits of Jerico in the township of oysterbay son of Richard WilUtb 
deceased and Mary Jackson Daghter of James Jackson of flushmg .Src. 

The seventh day of the first month 1718. At t^iushmg, Sam'; Held son 
of Benjamin Field of Slushing and Mary Palmer Daughter ot William Pall- 
mar of Mamarrinack Deceased both in the province o New York. 

The sixth day of y= second month 1717- At tflushing Richard Law- 
rence son of Joseph Lawrence and Hannah Bowne daughter of Samuell 
Bowne both of flushing &c. ,,, , • t,- 1 a 

The fourteenth day of the ninth month 1717., At Hushing, R.chaid 
Hallett of Newtown and Amy Bowne Both of tiushmg &c. , ^ , . 

The seventh day of the Sec'ond month called Aprill 1718. ,At ffliishing, 
Thomas Carle and Mary Gnflln Daughter of John Grihin all of fflushmg 

^ The tenth Day of the Eight month 1717- At Flushing, Richard Wildy 
of Elizabeth Wikly and Patience Tatem Daughter ot bam' latem 



Both of Flushing &c. , j , ■u,,,,,!,-^^ - 

Y= ninth day of Third month in y= year one thousand seven Huntlied . 
Seventeen. At flushing, James Mott of Meroneck m the county ot West 
Chester Yeoman and Jane Burling of fflushing &c. 

The twelfth day of the ninth month called November In the year to 
English acc> one thousand seven Hundred and '""f^^f \ ^mhony Badg ley 
son of Anthony Badgley Senior of Flushing c^c. and Phebe Haightt Daugh- 
ter of Sam" Haightt Deseased of Hushing &c. 


^^75-] Records of the Society of Friends. 

The 4th day of y'loth month. Annoq. dom. 1716. At New York Toshua of the Cty of New York Joyner and Esther Lane of Hem , 
jSnd ' ■ " ^°""'^' "'" J-^^™l-t--J ^» Q-^^^- county on Nassiu 

The Eight day of the tenth month in the year of our Lord one thousand 
seven hundred ^: n„,eteen. At New York Samuel Hamson late of Phda 
delfia now of New York merch' and Sarah ferris of New York Sn , s er 

?oSeseafed^ "' ''"■'' '^"'"^ °' ''^'^^' ^'^^^'" '" "^^ P'—e oVSw 
The ninth day of the first month 1 721 At flushing, Thomas Heaviland 
son of Bemamm Heavdand of Rye in y- county ofVeschester and Han- 
nah tield daughter of Beniamin Field of flushin./ 

The foreteenth day december in the year seventeen hun.lred & twenty one. 
At flushmg, James Persons of Oxford in the county of Philadelfia and 
p.-ovmce o Pensdvania the son of Thomas Persons deseased and Jane 
Yeats daughter of John Yats of Flushing. • 

The fourteenth day of the Eleventh mSnth 171.^ Atfllushing. John Kees 
and Mary Bowne all of flushuig. ^ J " J^^^es 

llie twelvth day of y^Eleyenth mo'^ i7|a At fliushing. John ffield, son 
of Benjamin ftield of filushmg &c and Eliz-MVoolley daughter of John 
Wooley of Shrewsberrv In East New Jersey. 

The si.Kteanth Day of the third month in the yeare of our Lord one 
thousand beven hundred and twenty three. At fflushing. Samuel Rodman 

°! ^,T, '^'^ ^"""^ °f Thomas Rodman And Mary Willett Dau'diter of 
Con" Thomas Willet of fflushing. Decasid. 

The tenth day of the Eighth month in the veare of our Lord one thou- 
sand seven hundred & twenty three. At fflushing- Thomas Masters Jun' son 
of Ihonias Masters of the .City of Philadelphia in the Province of Pensil- 
vania Meichant and Elizabeth Rodman Daughter of John Rodman of 
tflushmg ttc Practicioner in Phisick. 

The fourteenth day of the first month cal" March in the \-ear Seventeen 
hundred and twenty two, three. At Cowneak, Mathew Franklin in quens 
county &c. and Deborah Cornhill Daughter of Richerd Cornhill of Cow 
neck in the bounds of Hemjistead. 

The first day of the Fourth month in the year of our Lord one thousand 
and seven Hundred and twenty. At Westbury, Samuel Pine of Hemstead 
yeoman and Rachell I„ane both of the same place. 

The Eighteenth Day of the Third month Annoq Domini one thousand 
seven Hundred and Twenty one. At Flushing, William Phillips of Flushing 
&c son of William and Jane Philips of Tenby in Pembrokeshire South 
Wales and Ruth Tatem Daughter of Samuel and Mary Tatem of Flushing. 

The Eighth Day of the first month in the year seventeen Hundred and 
Twenty one or two. In Plushing, Henry Charlick of Flushing &c and Mary 
Smith daughter of Edward & Ailse Smith of the county of West Chester &c. 

The Eighth Day of the third month called May in the year Seventeen 
hundj-ed and twenty P'our. In fflushing, Thomas Nichols of We.-t Chester 
&c. fluUer, and Jane Hosher of Rye Widow. 

The Twenty fourth day of the Fourth month in the year of our Lonl one 
thousand seven Hundred & twenty and four. At Westbury, David Allen of 
'Shrewsbury in East Jersey, yeoman and Mary Birdsall of Mitanacock &c 

jQ. Records of the Society of Friends. [Apnl, 

Widow and Relict of Stephen Birdsall late of Little Egg Harbour in East 

^^The &xth 'myof the Ninth n.onth In the year of our Lord one thousand 
seaven Hundred and Twenty Four In Cow neck. Robert Bowne son of 
Samuel Bowne of Flushing &c, and Margrett Latham Daughter of Joseph 
Latham of Cow Neck In Hempstead townsiiip&c. , j ^ q. 

The Eight Day of the second month Lr the year Seventeen hund.ed & 
Twenty five. In flushing, Samuel Veal of Westchester In the Province of 
nIv York and Sarah Farrington Daughter of Mathevv Farrmgton of 

^^'ite'duKl day of the Ninth month In The year of our Lord one Thousand 
Seven mmdred and Twenty & FiVe, In Westbury, Thomas Thorne son of 
Wph Thorn of fflushing &c yeaman and Penelope Cole Daughter ot Jo- 
seph Cole of Musketacove in the precincks of oysterbay 6:c 

The Tenth Day of the third month Called May 1722. At Hushmg, Moses 
M;llenex son Horsemam Mulenex of Westchester &c and Hannah Ka,- 
rington Daughter of Mathew Farringtou of Flushmg &c 

The tenth Day of the Twelfth month commonly called ffebruary and n 
the yea of our Lord Christ one Thousand Seaven Hundred and tweiiy 
fivesk James Jackson son of James and Rebeca Jackson of flushmg eVc 
and Sari; Thorne Daughter of Joseph and Mary Thorne of the same 

^^TheTeSdafof the Twelfth month commonly called febmary and In 
the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seaven hundred and Twenty five- 
sk ArFUisIiing, Nathan Field son of Thomas and Hannah tield o Flush- 
5&C. and EhlVbeth Jackson Daughter of James and Rebecca Jackson of 
the same place. , 

The twelveth Day of the 6 month in the year of our Lord one thousand 
seaven hundred and thirteen. At AVestbury John Ca^Tenter of oys erbay &.C 
yeoman and Martha Feake Daughter of John Peake and of Elizabeth his 
wife Deceased of the town and county atoresaid. 

The thtSSay of the sixt month in the year of our Lord one Thousand 
and even hundred and Twenty six. At Westbury Richard Harrison o Lit- 
deE- Harbor in the Province of West Jersey and Mary Weekes of oy - 
te^-bay Widdow and Relict of George Weekes of Queens county on Nassau 

Island. ... 

The Forteendayof the third month called May anoque domini one 
Tho sand seven Hundred & Thirty At Flushing William Wood son of Wil- 
liam Wood of Darkmoth in New England an Kez.ah Hedger Daughtei of 
Toseph Hedger of Flushing &c. r t 1 „ TKr.,, 

■* The Eight Day of the Twelfth month In the year of our Lord one Thou- 
sand Seven hundred and Twenty Six Seven At Westbury-rhomas f rank- 
W of Rye n y= county of Westchester son of Henry Franklmg of 
Seased andVary Pearsal of Hempstead &c daughter ot Nathaniel 
Pporqpl of the same place deceased. , 

The tvvelvth Day of the first month called March in the year one thousand 
Seven Hundred csf Twenty nine, thirty At filushing William Bmhng son of 
William Burling of Flushing &c & Sarah Bowne Daughter of Samuel and 
Hannah Bowne of the same place. .. rp, „„^.„,j Cp.-en 

The i^, day of the ninth month Anoque Domim one Thousand Seven 
Hundred and Twenty Nine At Flushing- Robert Field son of Benjamin, 

1^75-] Records of the Society of Friends. jor 

Field of Flushing & Rebeckah Hurling Daughter of William Burlincr of the 
same place. ^ 

_ The 13 day of y"' 6 m" called August Annoque Dominv 1730. At flusli- 
ing— Anthony Field son of Benjamin Field of Flushing' &c and Hannali 
Burhng Daughter of William Burling of the same place. 

The third Day of y" Eight month called October In the year according 
to christian account one thousand Seven Hundred & thirty four At flush- 
ing John Willitt son of John Willitt of Flushing and Deborah Lawrence 
Daughter of Samuel Lawrence of the same place. 

The forth Day of the Fifth month called Jidy anoque Domine one 
thousand Seven Hundred & Thirty Four At Flushing— Steven Lawrence 
of Flushing & Amy Bowne Dauth'ter of Samuel Bowne of the same place. 

The fifth Day of the Seventh month called September in the year accord- 
ing to the Inglish account one thousand Seven hundred & thirty four at 
Flushing— James Thorn, son of Benjamin Thorn of Flushing yeoman & 
iMary Lawrence Daughter of Daniel Lawrence of the same place yeoman. 

The Thirteenth Day of 2 month called April 1727 At fflushing— Benja- 
min Field of Flushing &:c & Sarah Taylor of the aforesaid place. 

The fifth Day of the 5"" 1733, At Flushing— John Burling son of Edward 
Burling of New York and Anne Dobson Daughter of y"= late Thomas Dob- 
son of New York Deceased. 

The third Day of the Eight month called October In the year one thous- 
and seven Hundred and Thirty four At Flushing— Edward Fitzrandolph son 
of Edward Fitzrandolph of Woodbrigg In the county of Middlesex & Prov- 
ince of New Jersey and Phebe Jacson Daughter of James Jacson of Flush- 

The third Day of y= Second mo called April Annoq'= Domini one thous- 
and Hundred & thirty five At Flushing— John Clarke son of Benj" 

Clarke of Windsor in the county of Middlesex'& Province of New Jersey 
& Sarah Field Daughter of Tho"' Field of fflushing &c. 

The fifth Day of y= tenth month called December annoq Domini one 
thousand Seven hundred and thirty four. At fiflushing — Richard Cornel 
son of Thomas Cornel Late Deceased of Hemstead &c and Pheb) 
Doughty Daughter of Charles Doughty of Flushing in said county &c. 

The Fourteenth Day of November In the year of our Lord one thousand 
seven Hundred & thirty Five— At Flushing — Samuel Bowne of Flushing 
&c and Grace Cowperthwaite of the same place Widdow. 

The thirtyeth day of y'' Sixt month in y' year of our Lord one thousand 
Seven hundred and twenty seven At Westbury — Caleb Hunt son of Josiah 
Hunt of West Chester in the county of Westchester &c and Sarah Hallock 
Daughter of John Hallock Juniar of Brook Haven In Sufl"olk county & on 
Nassau Island. 

The Eleventh Day of the Eight month called October in the year accord- 
ing to English account one thousand Seven hundred and thirty nine At 
Flushing — Benjamin Hicks son of Benjamin Hicks of Hempsteed — and 
Elizabeth Rodman Daughter of Thomas Rodman of Flushing Both of 
Queens county &c. 

The Twentieth Day of the first mo called March in the year according 
to English account one thousand Seven hundred and twenty Seven, Eight 
— At fflushing — David Humphrey son of Benjamin Humphrys of Merion 

8 • 

jq5 Records of the Society of Friends. [April, 

in y= county of Philadelphia &c and Elizabeth ffoord Daughter of Thomas 

ffoord of fflushing &c. , . , c 

The Eight Day of the ninth month called November m the year Seven- 
teen Hundred and thirty nine At fflushing-Jonathan Holms of fflushing &c 
and Phebe Haight of the same place. ,• ,„ 

The Eleventh Day of the first mo called march m the year accordmg to 
English account one thousand seven hundred and seven 1707 At flushing— 
Walter Newberry of Boston merchant son of Walter Newberry of R^iode 
Island Deceased and Anne Rodman Daughter of John Rodman of fflush- 

'" The thineeftrDay of the Eight month commonly called October an- 
noqui Domany one thousand Seven hundred and thirty seven At fflushing 
Samuell Rodman of fflushing &c son of Joseph Rodman of New Rochell 
in the county of Westchester &c and Mary Hicks Daughter of William 

"'^hlTlSeenth^day of the ninth month commonly called November 
anoq Do 173 S At Flushing-Joseph Bowne Son of Samll Bowne of I ush- 
hlg &c and Sarah Lawrence Daughter of Obadiah Lawrence Late of Flush- 

The tenth day off first month in y= year of our Lord according to Eng- 
lish account one thousand Seven hundred and fourty one two) At New- 
town Toseph Shotwell of Elizabeth towne m y'' county of Esex and 
;°ovinci of^East New Jersey and Sarah Cock of Newtown in Queens 

'^°ThJttmh Day of the ninth month in f year of our I-o-'d one thousand 
Seven hundred and fourty two-At Newtown-Abraham Shotwell of Eliza- 
bethtown in y= county of Essex and provmce of East New Jersey and Mary 
Pots of Newtown on Long Island. 

The fourteenth day of the Seventh month Anno Dom one thousand seven 
hundred and fourteeii. At Flushing. John Willet Son of Co Thpmas 
Willet-and Mary Rodman Daughter of John Rodman Both of i< lush- 
ing &C. . A fn 1,- 

The Eleventh Day of y"' Seven month Annoq Domine 1740 Atttlustimg 

James Thorne son of Joseph Thorne of fflushing &c and Sarah flfarnngton 

Dau"-hter of Thomas ffarington of same place. , , , ,, j 

y" twentieth Day of y= Eight month in f year of our Lord one thousand 

seven hundred and fourty & three At filushing-Edward Burling of New 

York and Anna flarrington of fflushing. j f„„,t„ 

The twenty first Day of y« fifth ™on* Seveineen hundred and fourty 

three At fflushing. Calib Cornwell of Hemstead &c and Phebe Hight 

widow of John Hight Deceased of fflushing. ••,,,, At 

The thirteenth of the fourth month called June Anno Domini 1745 At 

Flushing Joseph Bowne of Flushing &c and Judith Morrell Daughter of 

Tonathan Morrell late of Newtown deceased. 

■"Se Eight Day of the sixth month called august in the year seventeen 
hundrecFand fom'y five At Flushing-Stevanus Hunt o West Chester &c 
and Lydia Lawrence Daughter of Rich Lawrence of I lushing &c. 

The thirteenth day of the ninth month in the year of our Lord one tlous- 
anJs:ven hundred a'nd forty five At Newtown. Wilham Webster of Ehza^ 
beth town in the county of Essex in the province of East New Jersey and 
Sarah Hallock of Newtown on Long Island &c. 

'■^75-] Inscriptions from the Churchyard. jq^ 

The third Day of y= fifth month in the year of our Lord one thousand 
seven hundred and forty and Six At Fkishing— Henery Haydock son of 
Robert Haydock and Rebekah his wife of Fkishing &c & Mary Bowiie 
Daughter of Robert Bowne Deceased & Marg' his widow. 

The g"- day of y= Eighth month in y' year of our Lord one thousand 
Seven hundred & forty six At Fkishing— Moses Mullenux of West Chester 
m West Chester county &c and Hannah Lawrence of y" Town of Flush- 
ing &c. 

The thirteenth Day of y" ninth month in y"= vear of our Lord seventeen 
hundred & fourty six At Fkishing— Caleb Feild son of Thomas and Han- 
nah Feild of flushing &c and Ann Rodman Daughter of Thomas Rodman 
& Elizabeth his wife of the same place. 

The Eleventh Day of y« tenth month in y' year of our Lord seventeen 
hundred and fourty and six At fflushing— Daniel Bowne son of Thomas 
and Hannah Bowne of Oysterbay &c and Sarah Stringham Daugter of Sam" 
and Hannah Stringham of Flushing &c. 


Communicated by RuFus King, of New York. 

Here lyes Elisabeth, once Samuel Beebee's wife, 
Who once was made a living soul, but's now deprived of life. 
Yet firmly did believe, that at her Lord's return, 
She should be made a living soul, in her own shape and form. 
Lived four and thirty years a wife, was aged fifty-seven, 
Has now lay'd down this mortal hfe in hopes to live in Heaven. 

June y" lo"" 1716. 

Here lyes y" Body of Mrs Hannah Booth, wife to Captain William 
Booth, who departed this life Dec. 22, A.D., 1742, in y° 76"' year of her 

Here lyeth the Body of William, y' son of William Booth and Hannah 
his wife, who dec'' in y' 28'' year of his age May y" 22 1712. 

George, son of William and Hannah Booth, died in y' 1 7"" year of 
his age, 17 13. 

Here lyeth y' Body of Jonathan Brown, who departed this life August 
y' 12 1 710, in y* year of his age. 

Here lyes buried y" body of Mr. Christopher Brown, son of Cap' 
Richard and Anna Brown, aged 25 years and 2 mo' Dec'' Aug. y* 25, 

Here lyes buried y* Body of Doc' Peter Brown, who departed this 
life June y" 4"" A.D., 1747, in y'^ 28"' year of his age. 

In memorry of Dory thy, y" daughter of James Brown and Dorothy 
his wife — died Oct" y' 28"', 1754, aged 2 years 9 months and 12 days. 

Here lyeth y"^ body of Martha y" wife of Charles Glover, who departed 
this life May y' 5, in y' yeare of our Lord Christ, 17 13, and y° 36 year of 
her age. 

Io8 Inscriptions from the Cliurchyaid. [April, 

Here lyes y" Body of William Hopkins, the husband of Rebecca 
Hopkins who departed this life June y' 26, 1718. 

Here lieth y'' body of John Hopkins, died Jidy y° 22'"', 1727 in y" 
22"' year of his age. 

Here lyeth y'' body of Edward Johnson, who dyed in the the 69"' 
year of his age, Oct" y' 21"'. 171 7. 

Here lyeth the body of Samuel King, who dietl in the 89''' year of his 
age, Novemb' y" 29. 1721. 

Here lyes y° body of Mr Samuel King Jun', Dec'' May y" 6"' 1725, 
in y' 51' year of his age. 

Here Heth the Body of Abigail, the wife of William King, who dyed 
in the 50"' year of her age May 27. 1716. 

Hannah King, 171 2. (This is on the foot-stone ; the inscription on _ 
the head-stone is almost illegible, but shows that she died in the 39th year of 
her age). 

Here lieth David, y' son of David and Hannah King, died Sep. y' 
7"", 1720, in y° 13"' year of his age. 

Here lyes buried ihe body of Cap'. John King, who died Jany y' 19, 
1 74 J in y' 64"' year of his age. 

Here lies the body of Mrs Katharine King, the wife of Cap'. John 
King, who departed this life July 21. 1752 aged 68 years. 

Here lies itter'd y" body of Insign John King, who departed this life 
June 28"" 1753, in the 54"' year of his age. 

Here lies y° body of Absalom Kmg, son of Ensign John King, 'and 
Mrs Mary his wife — Died Oct° 15"' 1752 in the 20* year of his age. 

Here lyes y" body of Mrs Susanna King, who died May the io'\ 1741, 
in y' 63'' year of her age. 

Bathshua King. 

Underneath this stone here lyes the wife of William King, 
And though she's dead to mortal eyes, she will Revive again. 
I.iv'd four and Fifty years a wife, dy'd in her Seventy-seven, 
Has now laid down her mortal Life in hopes to live in Heaven. 

Mayy" 7"' A.D. 1764. 

Here lieth Bezaleel, y" son of William and Bathshua King — Died 
April Y' 24"" 1 735 in y' 9"* year of his age. 

Here lies the body of Paul King, son of Mr William and Mrs Bath- 
shua King. Dec'' Nov. 26 1750, in the 20"' year of his age. 

Here lieth interred the l!ody of Richard King, who died May y" 20"' 
1735, in y' 24"' year of his age. 

Here lieth the Body of Bez'lel King, who died in the 22"' year of his 
age Fek 12. 1722. 

Here lyeth the 15ody of Sarah, wife of John Paine, who died in the 
76"' year of her age, Septemb' y' 3'' 17 16. 

In memory of Susannah, y' wife of Robert Slieffield, and daughter of 
William and Bathshua Kmg, who died ^lay — 1 766 in the 43'' year of 
her age. 

Robert, y' son of Robert and Susannah Sheffield, died Aug. y'^ 7'" 
J 753> aged 9 W. 

i87S-] Notes and Queries. lOO 

In memory of Susannah, daughter of Robert and Susannah Sheffield, 
who died May 9"" 1766, in y" year of her age. 

Here lieth the body of Hanna, the wife of Henry Tuthill, who deceased 
in y* 24"' year of her age, December the first, 1715. 

Here lyes y' liody of Mr Benjamin Tuthill, who Dec' Feb 16"", 1745 
in y" 23'' year of his age. 

Here lyes the Body of Mr Johathan Tuthill, dyed Feb'>' S"" 174! in y" 
50"' year of his age. 

Here lyes y" Body of Mrs Susannah Tuthill, wife of Mr Jonathan 
Tuthill, who died May 16 1745, in the 39"" year of her age. 

Here lies buried the body of Mr Jeremiali Vail, who departed this life 
Oct" 13 1749, aged 39 years and 5 months. 

In memory of Jonathan the son of Jeremiah and Eliza Vail. 

In memory of Mary y wife of John Wiggins, Jun' died April y" 9"' 
1 760 in y" 40"' year of her age. 

Lieut. Gideon Youngs, 1749. (This is on the foot-stone ; the head-stone 
is illegible.) 

Here lyes y* Body of Hannah Youngs, wife of Lieut. Gideon Youngs, 
Dec'' June i)"" 1 738, in y° 59"" year of her age. 

Here lyes y" body of Walter Youngs, son of Gidion and Hanna 
Youngs, Dec'' March 21" 17^, in y" 24"' year of his age. 

In memory of Rhodez, daughter of Lieut. Gideon Youngs and Han- 
na, his wife, who died Aug. 8"', 1765, in y* 39"' year of her age. 

Here lies buried the body of Mrs Dorothy Youngs, wife of Mr 
Jonathan Youngs, who departed this life Sep'. 21" 1753, in the 66"" year of 
her age. 

Here lyeth Dorathy, y" daughter of Jonathan and Dorathy Youngs, 
who dyed Novemb' y" 20"' 17 19 in y' 2"' year of her age. 

Here lyeth y' body of Gideon Youngs, who departed this life in y" 
61"' year of his age y" day of December in y' year 1699. 

Here lyes y' body of Mrs. Esther Youngs, wife to Mr. Richard 
Youngs, who died in y' year 1749, in y' 33'' year of her age. 


CnABB, Richard — Was of Stamford, Conn., 1641-1658. Who was his wife? On 
his trial before the Court of Magistr.ites, at New Haven, May 2Sth, 165S, he testified 
that " she was a well-bred woman in England, a zealous professor from her childliood, almost 
beyond example." (New Haven Col. Records, vol. ii,, p. 246). In a petition of Robert 
Coe, of Jamaica, dated May 9, 1661, preserved among the Dutch MSS. in the Secretary 
of State's Office at Albany, vol. ix., p. 600, he refers to Richard Crabbc as his " brother- 
iti-la-w." Crabb was presumably at this date a resident of Oyster Bay, L. I., where he 
married for his second wife, Alice the widow of Peter Wright. He died there on the 
6th of April, 16S0. J- J- i- 

De Sille. — Vol. vi., p. 54. — In reply to enquiries about Nicasiiis de Sille, I would 
state that de Sille had children, Laiirenee, born in Holland, and married a dauglitcr of 
Capt. Martin Cregier ; Gerdienlje, who married Jan Gerritse Van Couwenlioven, the an- 
cestor of the Brooklyn and New Utrecht branches of the Couwenhoven family, among 
whom the name of Nicholas abounds to this day ; and Anna, who married, Feb. 29, 1660 
(see N. Y. Dutch ch. rec. ), Hendrick Kip. 

The U'albrilg de Sille wlio married Frans Cregier was probably a relative of NiCASiCs, 
but I have seen no evidence of her being his daughter. On the marriage record she is 
entered as from Mestricht, while Anna, who was married the same day, is entered from 
Van Wyck. 

J lO Notes and Queries. [April, 

The Coiiwenhovens of New Utvecht had some years ago a portrait of de Si/U, which 
unfortunately through carelessness was destroyed by the children of the family. T. G. B. 

Grimat.di. — The slightest information of a family bearing this name, who went from 
Cienoa before the Revolution to Savannah, Georgia, will be very thankfully received by 
the undersigned. This family were at one time Dukes of Genoa and Counts of Beaufort. 

William Joh.\ Potts, Camden, New Jejsey. 

Hallett, Lydia. — What was the maiden name of the wife of Joseph Hallett, and 
who were her parents? Her husband was born at Hallett's Point, August 14, 1714, and 
died at same place December 14, 1731, aged 27 ; having issue by his wife Lydia, one son 
and one daughter. 

1st. Joseph (merchant, a prominent member of the N. Y. Committees of Safety, of 
the first State Congresses, active in procuring arms and ammunition for the army at the 
opening of the Revolution, of large wealth), born Jan. 26, 1731, died August 9, 1799. 

2d. Lydia, born 1732, soon after her father's death; died 26th Feb., 1812 (buried at 
Sunsvvick, Newtown, Blackwell reserved burial ground). She married, Feb. 19, 1755, ^^^^ 
cousin Colonel Jacob Blackwell, by whom she left issue. 

Letters of administration were granted on the estate of the above Joseph (who died 
1731), Vol. n of wills, p. 205, to Richard Alsop of Newtown, and therein the widow 
Lvdia is frequently named. The inventory is made by Jacob Blackwell and Thomas 
Alsop. M. L. D. 

Hazard. — Mrs. Nathaniel Hazard, born Elizabeth Drummond. Who were the pa- 
rents of Mrs. Elizabeth Hazard ? Her husband Nathaniel Hazard died at his house in 
Hanover Square, N. Y. City, January, 1765, and left a numerous progeny. Her maiden 
name was Elizabeth Drummond ; she died at the house of her daughter Mrs. Joseph 
Hallett, 229 Duane St., N. Y. City, May 27, iSii, aged gS. Tradition says that she 
was born in Scotland and passed most of her youth in France. Only by a long residence 
in France could she have acqnired the thorough knowledge of French which she posessed, 
and correct pronunciation as rare then as now with the English siieaking races. Dutch 
and English were equally familiar, whether she understood Scotch, the writer has not 
learned. Her knowledge of the Bible and Biblical History were very remarkable, in ar- 
gument she was wont to iUustrate such subjects with quotations and references, references 
often drawn from works not easily attainable in this country. For this knowledge, for the 
information she could impart and for her piety, her society was sought by the clergy of 
this and neighboring cities, including members of other besides her own (Presbyterian; de- 

Tradition names Scotland as her birth-place, and the date is fixed, by the record of her 
death, at 1713. On the other hand it is found that Ann, wife of Robert Drummond (a 
vintner) was confined in 1 7 13 in New York City. 

May 30, 1 7 16, Robert and Ann Drummond (he a vintner), residing in Elizabethtown, 
N. J., applied in this city for letters of administration on the estate of Monteth Noell, 
said .'Vnn Drummond having formerly been the wife of Richard Hall, who in his lifetime 
was brother to Monteth Noell by the mother's side. It further appears that by her for- 
mer husband the said Ann had two children, Elizabeth and Ann. 

It is now claimed notwithstanding the assertion of those now living who know Mrs. 
Nathaniel Hazard, that she was the daughter of Roliert and Ann Drummond ; but is it 
likely that having one daughter living (by her first husband Hall) named Elizabeth, a 
daughter by Mrs. Drummond's second husband would also be called Elizabeth. Mrs. Ha- 
zard's descendants are so numerous that we may hope extended inquiry will clear up the 
disputed question of her birth, the true facts must be known by some of them. 

Caje N. Y, Gen. & Biog. Society, Mott Memorial Hall, 

64 Madison Avenue, N. Y. 

Odell. — William Odell, supposed to be a descendant of the English family of Odell 
mentioned in Burke's " Landed Gentry," in 1639, came from England to Concord, Mass., 
where he was probably a member of the congregation of the Rev. Peter Bulkley, who 
was born in the parish of Odell, Bedford Co., England. In 1644, Mr. Odell removed 
to Fairfield, Conn., and his son William became one of the principal proprietors of Rye, ' 
New York. 

i87S-] Obituary. jjl 

The undersigned will be happy to correspond with those interested, with a view to 
confirninig tlie probable relationship between the English and American families ; and 
also with reference to the preparation of a genealogy of the family. 

Eugene Odkll, 

Westchester Co., New York. 

Scull.— John Scull, Long Island, 169^;. Information is desired of John Scull, who, 
with Jonas Valentine, John Somers, Jonathan Adams and Peter Covenhoven, all de- 
scribed as whalemen from Long Island, Ijought land of Thomas Budd on Great Egg Har- 
bor, New Jersey, in 1695. William John Potts, Camden, New Jersey. 
_ Wessells — Were Evert Wessells, cooper, will proved 1694, Laurens Wessells will 
proved 1724, and Frans Wessells, will proved 1734, the children of Wessel Evertsen' who 
had children Evert, Laurens, Frans, etc. ? ' 

What was tlie date of birth or baptism of Johannes, one of the sons of Laurens .> Did 
Jan or John Wessells, supposed to be a brother of the above, marry, and whom ? Did 
he have any children, and what were their names and dates of birth? t. m. p. 

Willett. — Do New York records show any family connection between the Thomas 
IVilUtt from Bristol, England, m. in the Dutch Chuivch, Sept. I, 1643, to Sarah Cornell, 
of Essex, England (see Record for January, 1S75, p. 35), and Thomas Willett, first 
Mayor of New York under the English ? If so, the combined facts may help to find the 
English pedigree. j. w. t., 40 Water St.. Boston. 


AspiNWALL, — William H. Aspinwall died at his house, No. 33 University Place, New 
York, on Tuesday, January 19, 1X75, in the 67th year of his age. He w^as the son of the 
late John Aspinwall, a well-known merchant of New York. His family, however, is a New 
England one. He was for many years a partner with William E. Howland in the house 
of Howland and Aspinwall, which succeeded that of the elder Howlands. He took much 
interest in the establishment of steam communication with San Francisco, and the success 
of the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. and of the Panama Railroad is largely due to his exer- 
tions. The eastern terminus of the road was named after him in acknowledgment of the 
zeal and ability which he displayed. He leaves two sons, Lloyd Aspinwall, who succeeded 
him in the firm, and the Rev. John A. Aspinwall, Rector of Christ Church, Bay Ridge, 
Long Island. His three daughters married James Renwick, John W. Minturn and Am- 
brose C. Kingsland, Jr. 

Delafield. — Joseph, Henry and Edward Delafield were the three surviving chil- 
dren of John Delafield, the head of an ancient English family, who settled in New York 
towards the end of the last century. By his intermarriage with Ann, daughter of Joseph 
Hallett, of Hallett's Cove, now Astoria, Queens Co., N. Y., Mr. Delafield was the father 
of a numerous family, of whom seven sons and three daughters grew up. The eldest son 
John married in Engl.and Mary, daughter and lieiress of John Roberts of Whitchurch, Co. 
Bucks. The only issue of this marriage, according to Burke, was a daughter, Mary Ann. 
He married secondly, in New York, Elizabeth Tallmadge, and had issue, John, who settled 
in Geneva, New York, and Mary, married to Bishop Neely of Maine. The second son 
Joseph married Julia, daughter of Maturin Livingston and granddaughter of the late 
Governor Morgan Lewis. His children were Maturin and X^ewis, the latter of whom 
married a daughter of the late Francis R. Tilhju. The third and fourth sons, William and 
Henry, were twins. William was not married. Henry married, late in life, Mary, daugh- 
ter of Judge Munson. She died before him, leaving two daughters. Edward married ist, 
October 12, 1S21, Miss Elinor E. Langdon Elwyn, dau. of Thomas Langdon EKvyn, Esq., 
of Portsmouth, N. IL, and 2d, January 31, 1839, Julia /'Ayv/, dau. of Col. NicoU Floyd, of 
Mastic, L. I., by whom he had issue, with others, Francis, wlio married Katharine, daughter 
of the late Henry Van Rensselaer, by his intermarriage with Mary, daughter of the Hon. 
John A. King, Governor of New York from 1S56 to 1S58. Richard, the sixth son, mar- 
ried a lady from Old Point Comfort, Virginia. Rufus King, the youngest son, married 
Eliza, daughter of William Bard, formerly of Hyde Park, New York, by his intermarriage 
with Katharine, daughter, of Nicholas Cruger of St. Croix, W. I., the owner of Rose Hill, 
New York. He had issue, with others, Edward, who married a daughter of Frederic 

112 Obituary. [April, 

Schuchardt. The daughters of John Delafield, Ann and Emma, died unmarried. Susan 
married the late Henry Parish, of New Yorl<. 

Joseph Delafieed graduated at Yale College in 1808, and studied law in the office of 
Jobiah Ogden Hoffman, whose partner he afterwards became. At the beginning of the 
war of 1812, he raised a regiment, the 46th, in which he held a major's commission. His 
regiment was stationed during the war at Governor's Island, in the harbor of New York. 
He was afterwards appointed commissioner on the part of the United States to settle the 
northern boundary. He occupied himself chiefly in literary and scientific pursuits; and, 
after a long and useful life, he died on Friday, February 12, 1875, ^' 'l'^ great age of 

Henry Delafield and his twin brother William were born at their father's country- 
seat, a large and elegant house still standing at Hallett's Cove, now called Astoria, Long 
Island, on the 19th of July, 1792. They became merchants in New York, and were suc- 
cessful in their business. William died in 1S53, and Henry on the 14th of February, 1875, 
in the 83d year of his age. 

Ed\v.\rd Delafield and his brother Richard received their early training at Union 
Hall Academy, Jamaica, Long Island, then and long afterwards a celebrated seat of learn- 
ing. The former graduated at Yale College in 1812, and took his degree of M.D. in New 
York in 1S15. He became a well known and successful practising physician, and after 
holding several conspicuous jjositions in his profession, he became in 1854 President of the 
College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, an office which he retained until his 
death. He died on Saturday, February 13th, 1875, in his eighty first year. 

The three brothers were buried in tireenwood on Tuesday, Feljruary i6th, after a solemn 
and impressive service in Trinity Church, New York. 

Field. — Maunsel B. Field died in New York on the 24th d.iy of January, 1S75, at the 
age of 54. He was Secretary of Legation when John T. Mason was Minister at Paris, 
and was afterwards Assistant-Secretary of the Treasury at Washington, under Chase, Fes- 
senden and McCuUoch. In the latter years of his life he practised at the bar, and in 
December, 1873, was appointed by Governor Dix Judge of the Second District Court. 

Knapp. — Shepherd Knapp, late President of the Mechanic's Bank in New York, died 
at his house at Washington Heights on Mond.iy, February 22, 1S75, In the 81st year of his 
age. He was born at Worthington, Mass., January 7, 1795, and came to New York at 
the age of fourteen at the suggestion of his cousin Gideon Lee (Mayor of New York in 
1833), then a leather dealer in the " Swamp." He soon rose to a partnership in this house, 
and by his energy and devotion to his business accumulated a sufficient fortune to enable 
him to retire at the early age of forty. .Shortly afterwards, in 1838, he was m.ade Presi- 
dent of the Mech.anic's Bank, and he served as Chamberlain of the City from 1S49 to 1853. 
He retired from the presidency of the bank in 1873, but continued to take the personal 
superintendence of his large estate, retaining his energy and vigor unimpaired. The im- 
mediate cause of his death was pneumonia. He was buried on Thursday, February 25, 
from Dr. Spring's, or the Brick Church in the Fifth Avenue, of which he had been a 
member and an otTicer for many years. 

LovETT. — Robert Lovett, an aged citizen of New York, died on Thursday, December 
31, 1S74, in the 79th year of his age. His wife Anna died the day before at the age of 80. 
Mr. Lovett was born in New York in 1795. He was well known for many )-ears as anen- 
graver of seals. He was a skilful, and at one time a celebrated workman ; he also took an 
interest in the science of arms and possessed a competent knowledge of its principles. He 
was a member of the Episcopal Church, and was buried with his wife from St, Luke's 
Church in Hudson Street. 

Varnum. — Joseph B, Varnum died at Astoria, L. I,, on the 31st of December, 1S74, 
after an illness of four weeks, Mr, Varnum was a grandson of General Varnum of the 
Revolutionary Army, who served as representative and senator from Massachusetts from 
1795 to 1817. Mr, Varnum was born in Washington, D, C, 181S, was graduated at Yale 
College in 1S3S, and was admitted to the bar in New York about twenty-five years ago. 
He was diligent and successful in the practice of his profession, and took an interest in 
public affairs, lie was several times a member of the Assembly, and was chosen speaker at 
the short session from June to July, 1S51, He was also an active member of the cele- 
brated Committee of Seventy. 

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